So you’ve decided book a family photo session?! Amazing! That’s a big deal.

You’ve chosen your photographer, decided what to do on the day (or just went along with your beautifully ordinary life if you opted for a documentary approach) and off you go. After your session you’ll probably be presented with a beautiful gallery of images, showing exactly how wonderfully chaotic and amazing your family is. But what next?

Your photographer might ask you something like “What do you want to do with your photos? How do you want to display them?”
Instantly, you might want to say something like “Can I just get all the digital files?”

I mean… yes, you totally can but then what?

Why you don’t just want the digital files

How many photos have you got on your phone? And your computer?
And how often are you scrolling through them?

You might share a digital album of you last weekend trip online, on Facebook or Instagram, but within seconds your feed refreshes and they’re gone.

Do you really only want to look at a screen to see your beautiful family? Aren’t we doing that enough yet?

I’m a big fan of printing photos. That’s how you bring those memories alive. There are so many different ways to do that and if you booked a session with me, I could assist and advise you on what’s going to work best for you.

I personally am obsessed with albums and photo books which is why I like to suggest my clients to invest in those with their print credit. I could spend hours flicking through photo albums, seeing how life used to be years ago, discovering how my parents looked at my age and just feeling the quality of the prints under my fingers.

Currently, I offer 2 different albums. They can be bought through the print credit you receive with your photo collections and ordered directly through your personal online gallery.

The Storytelling Book

This beautiful hardcover photo album will hold as many of your memories as you like. This album can have up to 200 pages – that’s a really thick book, full of your favourite photos.
Your images will be printed on smooth matte paper which brings out colours perfectly and it’s just a joy to flick through it.

The Legacy Album

Very recently I also added a super high-quality lay flat album to my range of products. I call it the Legacy album.

This hand-bound Fine Art Book is a luxury album to preserve your memories. It’s a family heirloom.
Your images are printed directly on Fuji silk photo paper and each double spread opens out flat. That means images can be printed over the full spread of 2 pages with no information being lost over the crease.

Finding the right suppliers for you and your family was a long journey. One big decision for me was to find the right album provider for my Legacy Albums.
These fine art albums are an investment but I had to try them myself to make sure they are right for you. So I decided to make an album for my boyfriend Lee. He’s got 2 daughters who grow up way too fast and he doesn’t get to spend enough time with them. What a great reason to make an album for him…

He didn’t know I did this. He also didn’t know I filmed him when he opened the surprise parcel. His reaction on seeing the album and the amazing quality of images says it all:

Another way to go to make sure your images live outside of your smartphones are wall art. I’m still curating my supplier list but I offer a few options that you will be able to order directly from your online gallery.

My client gallery provider has a beautiful shop attached where you can preview what your photos will look like on a number of products. You’ll be able to order individual prints, matted prints, matted frames images, calendars and such.

So imagine you don’t ever print any images. Suddenly your computer crashes, your phone gets stolen, your online cloud deletes all of your data or your social media accounts get closed for whatever reason. Where are your memories now?

There’s really no reason to keep your images hidden on your devices anymore. Create a gallery wall or refill those old desk frames with some new images.

Having photos of your family printed doesn’t just make your house feel more like a home, it also helps your kids understand that they are part of something important – your family. If you’d like to know more about what I mean by that, have a look at this article where I talk about how photos can improve your children’s self-esteem.

Right, and if you need one more reason why you don’t just want the digital files of your family photo session, watch this beautiful video from Pixar’s Up: The Stuff we did.

You don’t get that same nostalgic, heart-warming feeling from looking at your photos on your small smartphone screen. Am I right?!

But please know, you will always be able to get all digitals from your sessions if that’s what you want. You can post them all over the internet or just keep them on your phone. But whatever you choose, don’t forget to print them as well!

If this made you want to book your own family photo session, don’t hang around, message me!

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