Portrait Photography

When was the last time you had your photo taken?

I get it, it’s uncomfortable. But actually, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Unless you run your own business, where it’s sort of expected to have headshots or portraits taken on a regular basis, you might not really think about booking a photo session just for yourself. But there could be lots of reasons to rethink actually. Feel free to read my article about the power of photography to boost your self-esteem.

You might need photos for your online dating profile, your Social Media, as a present for mum, for LinkedIn or just for yourself to celebrate being who you are.

My aim is, to make my portrait photography sessions relaxed and enjoyable for you and create images that will make you feel great about yourself. We’re just going to hang out while I take photos of you being you.

I shoot on location, wherever that is. And my style is more documentary than anything else. A portrait session will probably never be 100% documentary but I document more than I pose and direct during a photography session.

Client Love Letters

"Anja has done an amazing job with my portraits and she knows exactly how to capture my most spontaneous moments."

– Chrissa M.

California summer feeling San Diego portrait photography

What's my style?

How do you feel if someone tells you to sit down on “that pretty bench” and look at the camera?
Now smile naturally please!
No, not like that! A real smile!

Yeah, that feels weird, right? Honestly, I don’t like it either. That’s the thing though… I understand how uncomfortable it can be. So my goal is it to make you NOT feel like that.

selfies and portraits
selfies and portraits

I talk to you like a friend and we’ll just hang out for a bit.

The core of my work is based on a documentary approach. Unposed moments are so much more honest, real and relatable. I might ask you to stand in a certain place if the light looks nice. You will probably also have look at my camera. I may even ask you to smile. But through all that, we’ll just talk. About anything. Your pets, the best book you’ve ever read or your favourite biscuit. And in the end, you’ll walk away with photos that you’ll love.

My sessions usually last between 1 and 2 hours. It really depends on what we’ll do, where we’ll go, and how much we end up chatting throughout.

We could have a walk around Brighton – and if you’re not local, I can tell you everything I’ve learned about it in my 7 years of living here. I’ll show you hidden spots and must-see places or we can stick to relaxed, non-touristy neighbourhoods.

Or we could meet in a park, on the South Downs or go for a walk in a forest to hang out in nature, away from the city buzz. It absolutely depends on what you’d like to do and what kind of vibe you want to get from your photos. Depending on what you’re after, I can make suggestions if you’re unsure.


Portrait session


  • consultation/questionnaire
  • 1 hour chatty/walking photo session
  • 20+ fully edited photos in your personal online gallery to download
  • optional: bring your dog and/or partner if you wish
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