Who I am

Stories are a tool to create a connecting between people.



When I was a kid, I had a few favourite books. I would have my parents read those stories to me over and over until I knew the words by heart.

From a young age, my parents would let me make my own decisions – what I wanted to wear (bad idea!), what school I wanted to go to, what academic profile I wanted to pursue, if/what I wanted to study… They weren’t academic themselves and knew they couldn’t give me a lot of guidance in that aspect. I think they trusted me to know what I wanted. I didn’t but still somehow everything seems to have fallen into place.

Before graduating university, I went to live in Honolulu, Hawaii, to be a production intern at a TV station. I brought a small digital camera that I bought just before I left. Being halfway around the world, I documented everything around me to show my friends and family back home on a self-coded website and blog. The friends I made in Hawaii kept telling me how I had “an eye for details and scenes”and that I should keep up taking pictures. I had to go back home after 6 months because my visa had run out but I kept taking pictures – because I promised my friends in Hawaii that I would. My dad eventually got tired of me stealing his camera so he got me my first DSLR. That was in 2005.

Fast forward to 2019, I still take photos of everything around me. I’m a full-time filmmaker and photographer but it’s more than a job – it’s my life. I have a passion to create, an urge to learn, improve my skills and most of all, I want to tell stories.

Today I am a visual storyteller, documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Brighton, UK.

Anja by Adrienne Pitts
Photos by Adrienne Pitts

Oh, you’re still reading? OK, what else would you like to know?
I have red hair and blue eyes – which I’ve been told is quite a rare combination. I’m a very positive person, I love to travel and discover the world, love the big city buzz and exploring new places. I do crossfit and am a little bit addicted to coffee and chocolate! Standing still and being patient is not something I’m good at, I get excited and inspired easily and I like punctuality and having things in order – I guess that’s my German heritage.
I’m an introvert and I need time to myself. But I also enjoy meeting new people, making friends and learn from others. So if you’d like to get in touch for whatever reason – to book me for a job or to just say hello, please don’t hesitate and drop me a message.