My name is Anja and I’m a photographer and filmmaker.

I specialise in documentary photography and films - mainly for families, sometimes for small businesses and on all other days for myself as well.


photo by Ami aka The Woman and the Wolf

My people see the beauty in the ordinary, appreciate authenticity and value honesty.Are you my people?

Do you identify with any of the following?

  • You have a million photos of your family and friends on your phone but you’re not in any of them (apart from a few terrible selfies).
  • You hate posing for photos.
  • You love family photos but you can think of 100 things you’d rather do than finding time in your busy life to dress up your kids and cart them to a studio or pretty field, to have some picture-perfect photos taken.
  • You recognise (or at least try to recognise) the beauty in your every day (chaotic) life.
  • You think creativity, curiosity and adventures are just as, if not more important than academia. Education is vital but it comes in different forms and shapes.
  • You feel that the days are passing way too quickly. In 5/10/20 years, you don’t just want to remember, but you will want to be able to FEEL how wonderful (yet crazy) life was today.

Does any of that resonate with you? If it does, we’ll get on well!

When beautiful moments happen right in front of me, I HAVE TO take the picture. I can’t help it (seriously, ask all my friends!). So when you book a photo session with me, you’ll get honest, authentic and wonderful family photos and films, documenting the magic of your every day.

A few more nuggets about me
  • I’m an introvert and don’t like being the centre of attention. I’m an observer.
  • I take my camera everywhere and document what’s around me. Most days that’s not too exciting but that’s exactly the point! I collect those little moments in my project 365 which has been running since November 2019.
  • The photo on the right is one of the few that exists of my boyfriend Lee and I, taken at a friend’s engagement party (the girl with the crown in the back). He’s holding my hand while making me laugh. Every day.
20190929_eng=agement party Cori Matt_by Anna
Some more random facts:
  • I’ve watched all episodes of “FRIENDS” probably at least 10 times. But my favourite TV show will forever be “Six Feet Under”.
  • I’m a night owl, a CrossFit nutter and I hate running. However, I do occasionally sign up for a short race or let my friends convince me to do a Park Run on a Saturday morning. Don’t ask me why…
  • I don’t like speaking to people on the phone. It’s a thing. But I’m ok with zoom calls (don’t ask me why).
  • Before I finished my university degree in Germany, I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for 6 months. 9 years later, I moved from Germany to the UK and have been here ever since. I find it important to experience and live in different cultures – it teaches me so much more than just another language.

Something I'm know for....

... is having a number of personal projects on the go at all times.
Personal projects are how I learn to improve my skills and my craft. It's where I can play, experiment, fail and grow. And the benefit is that through challenging myself, I constantly learn something new that will help me provide the best possible service and products for my clients.

Long Portrait

This project started in 2018, out of a concept I've been wanting to play with for a long time.
The goal is to create a video portrait of a person, revealing more than the facade captured in a photo. An interview and music support the intensity of the portrait.

Learn more

The struggling artist

2020 was a weird year - everything stopped while the world dealt with the pandemic caused by Covid-19. The arts and entertainment industry have been hit especially hard.
The idea of this project is to show the reality of this pandemic in an artist’s life, how individuals deal with it and how they get pushed out of their comfort zone in order to keep working and creating.

Watch Episode 1

Project 365

On my birthday in November 2019, I decided to start a year-long project, where I take a photo every single day. I'm now in my second year of this project. This is my photo diary and the story of my mundane life. I post the daily photos on a personal Instagram account.

365 IG


I'm not one to shout about myself but I'm proud to have won awards with my photography, been published and had the opportunity to exhibit my work.

Hear me speak

Over the past year, I appeared on a couple of podcasts and other speaking opportunities. Have a listen!


What I've been up to lately