My name is Anja (you might have guessed that) and I’m a photographer and filmmaker (I bet you already know that too).

I specialise in documentary photography – mainly for families, sometimes for small businesses and on all other days for myself as well.

I live in Brighton, UK (well, Hove actually), where I get to enjoy the seaside and the hipster coffee shops. I love biscuits, tattoos, birds and hanging out with my favourite human and my friends.

My camera (one of 5) is with me most days. Documenting life is not just a job, it’s me.

So you got here because you want to know more about the person behind the images? Thank you, I’m flattered!I don’t actually like being the centre attention, I’m more of an observer. My observational skills have even intensified since I started my project 365 at the end of last year. I take my camera everywhere and document what's around me. Most days that's not too exciting but that's exactly the point! The photo on the right is one of the few that exists of my boyfriend Lee and me, taken at a friend's engagement party (the girl with the crown in the back). He's holding my hand while making me laugh. Every day.

Still reading? Ok, let me give you some random facts about me:

  • I’ve watched all episode of “FRIENDS” probably at least 10 times. But my favourite TV show will forever be “Six Feet Under”.
  • I’m a night owl, a CrossFit nutter and I hate running. However, I do occasionally sign up for a short race or let my friends convince me to do a Park Run on a Saturday morning. Don’t ask me why…
  • Before I finished my university degree, I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for 6 months. 9 years later, I moved from Germany to the UK and have been here ever since. I find it important to experience and live in different cultures – it teaches me so much more than just another language.

What I've been up to lately