Family Photography

Family photography session

My family photography sessions are usually very relaxed and easy going. I will spend about 3hours with you to document your family dynamics and your day-to-day routines in the most honest and intimate way I can. The goal is to capture who you are and create memories for you and your kids to look back to in years to come.

Your family photography session happens on location – wherever that is. Preferably it’s at your home or a place that means something to you. The idea is for you to feel comfortable and for your kids to behave like they usually do. I won’t ask you to come to a park just because it looks pretty. I also won’t ask you to get all dressed up in your best outfits that can’t get dirty. As much as I want to capture you in a way that will make you feel good about yourself, it’s not about looking perfect. The idea behind a documentary family photo session is to capture a glimpse of who you really are. Kids with a snotty nose and dirty trousers because they’re rolling around in your backyard. Tears and comfort hugs because someone stubbed their toe. A pout because there is no ice cream before dinner. It’s all part of family life…

I would like you to let me document how your family works. For this, I will send you a questionnaire before we meet for your session. With this, I want to get an idea who’s part of your family and what you guys like to do. Also what are the things you you as parents will miss the most about your kids when they grow up. I want to make sure that when you look at the images I create for you, you will recognise yourself and won’t be able to stop looking at them.

If you want more than just a few hours of your family documented, have a look at my “Day in the life” session.

Family photography mini session

I can recommend this session, if you’re unsure how your kids will cope with a photographer or you really just need a few photos. The difference of this session to the others is, that it can be a little less documentary. I usually don’t take more than one or two posed photos but with this session, we can take as many as you need. For grandma and all the uncles and aunties that live too far away to see your kids grow up.

While the base price includes a maximum of 5 people, you’re welcome to add more family members to the session for an additional £10 per person. Perfect for a family reunion weekend where you want to make sure you get the grandparents and cousins in as well.

What’s included?

• up to 3 hour documentary photo session at your home or a preferred
• location change possible
• 60 photos as high-res download via an online gallery
• photos come with a personal printing license but you CAN order prints through your gallery
• session includes photos only, no video

You can also book a family keepsake film session which includes a few photos but priority is a family video. The cost for that is £950. Find out more here: Family keepsake films

• up to 1 hour documentary photo session
• some posed shots possible
• up to 5 people included – £10 for every added person
• 25 photos as high-res download via an online gallery
• photos come with a personal printing license but you CAN order prints through your gallery
• session includes photos only, no video

Before your session:
• 20% deposit required to secure your date
• final balance due 1 week before session
• We can meet over coffee (in or around the Brighton area) or have a (skype) call to get to know each other and discuss the day ahead of shooting

I can offer a payment plan for you if you require one. However, the full balance needs to be paid before you receive your video or any photos. At least 75% of the full balance needs to be paid before the session happens.

Get in touch with me if you would like to book a session or click the link below to find out more about my other booking options.

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