Welcome to my journal.

As a documentary family photographer and filmmaker, I specialise in capturing candid and real moments of life. My aim is to show you the beauty in the ordinary through unscripted, emotive photography.

As a brand photographer and filmmaker, I create outstanding visuals for your small business so you can show off your products and services and connect with your audience.

On this page, you can read about anything I find of value for you as well as my projects, plans and whatever I find worthy of documenting. Follow me into clients homes, behind the scenes of businesses and to exciting places far away.  And in between I’ll talk about the importance of documenting life, creating keepsakes for your family and telling your own story authentically.

crossfit connect throwdown title image

Crossfit Connect Throwdown . Summer 2021

Crossfit Connect Throwdowns are finally back. The first one of the year happened in August - better late than never.

Family celebrations are back on

Family celebrations are back on

Let's bring back the family gatherings, reunions and celebrations of life. Del's going first for his 80th birthday.

documentary family photographer empty swing set

analogue stories . forgotten cameras

It took me 19 months to fill a roll of film. Have I taken the slow approach of film photography too literal?

Answering your questions about Family Photography

Answering your questions about Family Photography

Not everyone might be familiar with the concept of documentary family photography so let me answer a few of my most asked questions.

family photo album storytelling book

Why you don’t just want the digital files

Our photos live on digital devices but aren't they worth more than that? Get them on your walls and in albums!

benefits of personal branding photography and films

Why your brand photos are more than just some portraits

Ever thought about bringing your family along to a branding photoshoot? Your personal brand photos should represent you as a person in all…

working on laptop macbook

Don’t plan your photo shoot with Pinterest

There's a fine line between getting inspired and trying to replicate something you see in preparation for your photo shoot.

BTS behind-the-scenes exhibition tap dancer

On smashing goals and exhibiting my work

What do you do with all of your ideas and goals? Do you write them down? I have a little notebook for that and every now and then, one of…

cutting bread in newly designed kitchen

3 benefits of personal branding photography and films

Visuals like photos and videos are the best way to show your customers and clients what you do. This is where your own professional…

How family photos can foster your children's self-esteem

How family photos can foster your children’s self-esteem

Have you ever thought about what your family photos tell your children? No? I've got something interesting to read for you then.

photographer and coffee in deal kent

How to define your core values as a business

How do you define your business values? And why is it important? Let's have a look at that, shall we?!

Family photography for introverts and shy people

Family photography for introverts and shy people

In a world designed for extroverts, how do introverts cope? And how does any of that relate to family photography?