Welcome to my journal.

As a documentary family photographer and filmmaker, I specialise in capturing candid and real moments of life. My aim is to show you the beauty in the ordinary through unscripted, emotive photography.

On this page, you can read about my projects, plans and anything I find worthy of documenting. Follow me into clients homes, to exciting places far away and learn about the importance of creating keepsakes for your family.

Using photography to appreciate life

I've documented a whole year of my life by taking photos every single day. This is what I learned.

How to make your small business stand out with a promo video

Are you a small business owner? Have you ever thought about having a promo video produced for your brand/product/services? If not, have a…

Market research and the importance of documenting life

Are you a parent? Then you might be able to help me. Are you ok to take a survey around (family) photography for me? Pretty, please?!…

Lifestyle vs Documentary Family Photography – What’s the difference?

The two most popular genres for family photography are lifestyle and documentary family photography but what exactly is the difference?

9 reasons to book a documentary family photo session

How do you feel when you think about getting family photos taken? If posing for the camera is not your thing, maybe documentary family…

June musings . lockdown diaries

June was a month of cleaning, pottery, a 2-day heatwave and venturing out of Worthing and back to Brighton. Time still does not make sense.

May musings . lockdown diaries

I stopped counting the weeks of lockdown, it doesn't matter. Summer is here and we're keeping busy while staying away from others.

Flash sale: Family Film offer

I've never done a flash sale like this but I'm determined to get my family films out to as many people as possible. So I decided that for…

5 tips to help you find the right camera for your needs

With smartphones having such amazing cameras built-in, is it still worth getting a camera to take photos? Well if you're in the market for…

Documentary family photography for single parents

Family photography is not just for those with a functional 2-parent household. Single parents often have less time with their children -…

Personal branding photography . The Sussex Home Stylist

My first venture into photographing interior design and home styling. The lovely Hannah asked me for sort of a personal branding session,…

April musings . lockdown diaries

6 Weeks of lockdown in the UK. Life hasn't stopped but it certainly has changed. This is my photo diary of what we've filled our lives with…