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I’m Anja, a documentary family photographer and filmmaker based in Brighton & Hove.

Family photography that's not about what your family looks like but what it feels like.

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Hi, I'm Anja

I laugh a lot, I spend a lot of time in my own head and I’m passionate about life and about understanding who we are as people.

That’s why I’m a photographer. It’s my way to uncover my own identity – and help you understand yours.

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Family Photography Brighton

There’s so much power in capturing normal life – the mundane, the every day, the “unexciting” stuff that makes your life so unique. My aim is to document those moments that seem trivial to you. Because that’s what your kids will remember 20years later.

Let’s create memories not just for you, but for them!

More about Family Photography
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Your family photos are not really for you. They're actually for your children!

As a mum, you want the best for your children. For them to be confident, happy, safe and to understand where they belong. 

Photos can do that!

Your family life isn’t perfect. It’s not about matching outfits and smiles for the camera. It’s about your touch they feel when they fall asleep, the grin they give you when they knew they’ve been naughty. The micro-moments that happen all the time and stick with us forever.

Those are what we remember growing up. They tell us who we were and who we are now.

Which are your favourite photos from your childhood?
The group portraits taken at milestone events or the candid ones where everyone was just living their life?

You see, your family photos are not (just) for you. They’re for your kids. To understand their place in life.

And that’s why you need me: I help you collect visual memories of all the little moments that happen on an ordinary day. Life doesn’t just happen during big, life-changing occasions. It happens every day and in the smallest of instances. That’s what your grown-up children will remember one day.

Ordinary days -  Extraordinary photos.

More about Family Photography
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client love letters

"I'm so thrilled with how you captured the connections between our children, these photos are beautiful."

– Nicci Hudson

So technically you’d love some new family photos, but you keep finding reasons why not to book a session?My "Yes, but..." series is for you!

Yes, but... we don't do exciting things

Yes, but… we don’t do exciting things

Are you worried your life isn't exciting to be photographed docu-style and that's why you'd opt for more guided and posed photos?

mum with toddler daughter at home

Yes, but… I don’t want to be in the photos

What is your idea of family photos? Do they include you or are you the one saying you don't want to be in the photos.

mum feeding baby and minding toddler son

Yes, but… we’re too busy for a family photo shoot

Let me debunk your objections on why you can't have family photos taken. I'll start with "we're too busy". Is that you?

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I'm a documentary family photographer and filmmaker serving the Brighton and Sussex area. But did you know...

I also work with small businesses, brands and entrepreneurs to help them tell their brand story.

As a small business myself, I know how important it is to tell inspiring stories to connect to your audience. But how do you do that?
By showing up as yourself, allowing your clients a peek behind the curtains and by talking about what THEY care about.

Your business comes alive through your passion, combined with outstanding visuals. I can help you with that – no matter if you need headshots, brand photography or a behind-the-scenes, about us or promo film.

Your business is more than a logo and a name.

Let's tell your story and wow your audience with your personality and charm.

Inclusion statement

My business, Anja Poehlmann – photo and film, is a place where everyone is welcome. I strive to create photos and films in a way that makes every person and every family I get to work with, feel safe and accepted just as they are.

I run an inclusive business working to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. I’m committed to growing and learning through active dialogue, diverse and inclusive collaborations and feedback.

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