Video production for creative and small businesses

Show them what you got - as a business AND a person

Who are you?

  • You are a creative and/or run a creative business (designer, jewellery maker, chocolatier, florist etc).
  • You want to show your audience and clients what you do, who you work with and how you can help them.
  • You are an expert in your field but need someone to help you showcase that.
  • You know about the power of video but don’t have the knowledge to use this power to your own benefit.
  • You want to show off your brand and services visually.
  • You want to work with someone who can help you translate your messages into visuals that represent your values and creative ideas.
  • You need someone who makes you feel comfortable and listened to in the process of producing videos about who you are as a person and a business.


This is why you need to work with me. I will learn how what your business needs, understand your values and messages and craft your business story in a way that will represent you. Together we will produce work showcasing your achievements and make you stand out from the crowd.

Client Love Letters

"To say I was absolutely blown away by the finished film would be an understatement. Anja captured the essence of who I am and how I work so beautifully."

Why work with me?

You need someone who knows how to showcase what you offer to your clients – that happens through visuals as well as the story that’s being told. It’s all about your value to others, combined with your purpose, mission and your own values. Storytelling is such a vital part of this process.

The way we get to your story is by closely looking at your message, audience and desired outcome.

My work is honest, personable and relatable. No matter how small or big a project or budget is, the essence of successful work is always the same: STORY. And without sounding cocky, I’m really good at crafting stories that others enjoy listening to.

Let’s use your passion for your products and services and my passion for story to create something your audience will connect with and really care about.

What do you get from me?

I offer a full service for video production. With over 14 years of experience in the video industry, I’ve gone through all stages of video production and am there to walk you through it step by step.

With your knowledge and expertise leading the message, I will help you find the right approach for your video content. It doesn’t matter what you want to call your piece – it can be “behind the scenes”, “promo video” or “about me/us”.  The aim is to cover your key messages in your tone of voice and create outputs for any channel you want to use, to reach your audience. I will help you with story-finding, script-writing, storyboarding, direction, scheduling, filming, editing, soundtrack and motion graphics.

The pre-production process is vital to a successful outcome. You will be involved in the process from start to finish to ensure your approach fits the purpose before we start the filming.

The Process

Step 1

We start by having a chat about who you are, what you’re after and the timeline for your video project.

Step 2

Once we’ve booked you in and you’ve paid a 25% deposit, you’ll receive a questionnaire that will have you think about your message, audience, output channel, style and vibe of your video.

Step 3

When you’ve filled out the questionnaire, I will get to work and create a rough story structure, prepare interview questions or provide you with a script guide, as well as a shotlist.

Step 4

Once we’ve agreed on the story you want to tell through your video and the shots we need to support your message, we can set a date to do the filming (unless that’s already been decided).

Step 5

We film.

We got our interview questions or script and our shotlist. If anything needs to be adjusted throughout the day, we can work with it since we’ll both be well prepared to get the footage we need to tell YOUR story.

Step 6

This is the editing process where I do my magic and you sit back and relax.

Thanks to a rough story guide and our communications throughout the whole process, it should be fairly easy for me to create a film that you’ll love and include all your messages. This will take about a week or two. There might be a chance that I need you to read through a transcript of your story if I need your input on which parts to keep or let go of.

Unless decided otherwise, I will choose music from a licensed library that works best with your personality, work, style and story. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to have your say too!

You will then receive a polished video to review and give me feedback on so I can make adjustments as needed.

Step 7

Once the edit has been approved by you, you will receive a link to download your film (with and without subtitles if requested) for you to use on your own channels.

You can now use your film to shout about yourself, your business and your services and use it to show your customers and clients what it would be like for them to work with you.

Brand Film for chocolate maker Audrey and her business Terre De Sienne in Worthing, West Sussex

Pricing and Payment

Behind-the-scenes/About Me-film


  • concept and story-finding to best present your business/service/product
  • interview or script/voice-over recording optional
  • half day of filming on location
  • 2-3min film as output
  • output will be optimised for your preferred channel
  • 2 revisions for final video included
  • music licensing included (unless specific music requested)

This is an offer specifically for your small business that needs an “About us/me” film to give insight into who you are, how you work and who you serve.

Behind the scenes film on the beach

Prices for filming, editing and post-production can vary based on your project requirements. If the offer above is not right for you, we can adjust it to perfectly fit your needs.

For bookings outside of Sussex, I will ask you to cover travel cost as well as accommodation, if applicable.

I ask for a booking fee (25%) to secure the time in my calendar needed for your project. The remainder of the balance is due 7 days before we start the filming. You will receive individual invoices for each payment ahead of time.

All makes sense?

Let me know if you’re interested in working with me or have any questions at all. Click the button below and let’s start a conversation.