dad carrying daughters piggyback

Yes but… we hate posing

Want some family portraits but don't like posing for the camera? I can help!

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Yes, but... I want to lose some weight first

Yes, but… I want to lose some weight first

Waiting to shed some pounds before you feel camera ready? Think again please! Your weight does not…

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Yes, but... we don't do exciting things

Yes, but… we don’t do exciting things

Are you worried your life isn't exciting to be photographed docu-style and that's why you'd opt for…

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mum with toddler daughter at home

Yes, but… I don’t want to be in the photos

What is your idea of family photos? Do they include you or are you the one saying you don't want to…

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mum feeding baby and minding toddler son

Yes, but… we’re too busy for a family photo shoot

Let me debunk your objections on why you can't have family photos taken. I'll start with "we're too…

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