Welcome to my new blog series – where I take all your reasons for not booking a family shoot and dismantle your objections.
Let’s start with a topic that assumes photo sessions take a lot of time out of your day…

Yes, but... we're too busy for a family photo shoot

First of all, I want you to understand that my family photo sessions are very different from most that you find online. Once you know that, you might be more inclined to believe me when I say that a family photo session doesn’t actually have to occupy your time because with me, there’s nothing to prep and nowhere to go.

You're not asked to meet me at the beach or a pretty field for golden hour to take the most stunning family portraits.

There are other photographers who specialise in that. I know a few and love their work. But it’s not what I want my photos for you to look like.

The images you get from me, show you as a family, warts and all. Because that’s what your children will remember of their childhood when they’re grown up.

The best place for me to photograph you is actually your own house, no matter how small, dark or messy. Or maybe it’s big and bright and beautiful. Either way, it’s where you all feel safe and comfortable – which means I’ll be able to get the most natural and honest photographs of you – so that when you look at the images, you recognise yourself and your family.

You won't be asked to pose for my camera.

Most people don’t like posing – because it’s out of their comfort zone. Who really enjoys grinning a big fake smile at the camera and then hang that picture in their house?

Also posing with kids generally doesn’t work well. One of them will always break into their personality and “ruin the perfect photo”.

My goal is to take pictures of you and your family in your preferred environment, doing what you usually do when you hang out together. That can be playing games, gardening, baking a cake or destroying the livingroom. Anything goes and it’s all on your terms.

I won’t ask you to “do that thing you just did, again” so I can take another photo of it. That’s just not how life works.

There's no need to dress your kids in their best clothes and I won't suggest that you colour coordinate your outfits.

I’m not even going to send you a “what to wear” styleguide. Controversial, right?!

Matching outfits and Sunday bests are not who you are. Your 3-year-old son might go through a superhero phase and refuses to take off his Spiderman suit. You teenager is in a goth phase and only wears black. Your partner’s favourite piece of clothing are worn out track suit bottoms. And while you love to dress up, most days it’s just too much to bother with it.

Such is life. Nobody is always at their best so why should your photos only show the most put-together version of yourself? Again, that’s not what your children will remember. They’ll remember you in comfy clothes and without makeup. They’ll remember how they stained their favourite shirt on a daily basis. I’m not going to ask you to change your style and outfit just for a photo.

So when you say you’re too busy for a photo shoot, keep in mind that you don’t have to go anywhere for your photos. I’ll come to you at a time that suits you and capture what your normal, chaotic, wonderful family life looks like on any given day.

No preparation needed. I’m not even asking you to clean the house. If it’s always messy, let it be messy in your family pictures.

Real life isn’t perfect. Neither are you. Let’s embrace our imperfections, our messes, our ordinary days that show us where home is and who belongs there.

You can decide what kind of photos you’d like to have to remember your beautifully ordinary life.

  • Got a family thing planned? Amazing, let’s all go together and we’ll include your relationships with extended family. There are special photographs for me to capture when generations meet.
  • Your child has a volleyball match on a Sunday afternoon? I’ll hop in the car with you and photograph all the emotions of match day. The excitement before it starts, the emotions during the game, the family huddle when you get your stuff together to go back home – or to the pizza place next door to celebrate the win.
  • Got chores and errands to run? I mean, it might sound boring to you but I love shooting chores. They show that you actually work your butt off for your family – to build a comfortable and safe home for those you love.
  • Got nothing exciting to do? Crack out a board game, teach the kids a new card game, bake a cake or just hang out on the sofa for a bit. I’m sure someone will get up and find something else to do which spirals into some sort of family activity that will be worth documenting. Those are the best ones to photograph because you will interact in sincere ways, showing your love and connection – and that’s what my photos are about.

If anything I said above resonates with you, get in touch and let’s have a chat about your family.

You can schedule your photoshoot months in advance and we’ll just see where the day takes us when it arrives. Or you can plan your session for a day you already know you’d like documented. Either way, there’s no need to worry about being too busy or not busy enough for a photo session because my camera and I will come to you and well just hang out. No plans required, no preparation needed.

Do you have other concerns about why you might not be ready for a family session? There are more posts like this coming soon. I’m aiming to debunk all your objections. Let’s see if I succeed, shall we?

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