Last week was the Super Bowl in the US. I only know that because all of my social media feeds were full of Usher memes.

Then I saw this video, where people were asked how much they paid for their Super Bowl tickets. Watching this was really eye-opening as someone who runs a business while having massive money blocks.
Basically, the message is “We spend money on things we want, not on things we need”. These people have dreamt about going to the Super Bowl for ages so when they got the chance, they paid whatever they needed to make this dream come true. For some people that was $13.000!

I wouldn’t even spend £100 on a ticket for a Football game (neither American football nor soccer) but I have spent loads more on any of my hobbies, my craft and education in the past.

It’s want vs need. It’s about perceived value. This is how we make our spending decisions.

So when you think about booking a family photography session and you worry about budget, I 100% hear what you’re saying.

“Expensive” is relative but photography is definitely not a cheap service. It doesn’t have to be – it’s luxury. As much as I want every family to have photos that represent their life, their uniqueness as well as their love and joy… We don’t need photos to live. Not like we need food. So it counts as luxury.

Family photography is an investment – in yourself and your family. The photos I create are keepsakes for you, your children and all the generations after. And I promise that you’ll love what I can create for you.

But I can’t convince you to book a photo session if you don’t see the value of those images. I can only show you what I can do for you and let you decide whether this is something that’s important enough to spend a few hundred pounds or more on it. And there’s no judgment either way!


What I value is documenting my life and the people in it. It helps me remember moments, adventures and even challenges and struggles. This is why I am in year 5 of my Project 365 and this is why I’m so incredibly passionate about unscripted family photography.

We remember how things felt more than anything else. And any feeling is valid: joy, excitement, overwhelm, fear. I don’t want to forget the moments when things didn’t go right because they are a part of me and help me see how far I’ve come since then.

To me, that’s the value of documenting life – mine and that of others.

I also really value printed images – the cost for albums, prints and frames adds up but it’s something I budget for because I love to fill my home with my pictures. They make those moments and stories I captured tangible. Literally tangible, like… I can touch them.


But you already know… if you want something bad enough, if it’s really important for you, you’ll find the money. And how you find it can be different for each person. It could be saving up for it, using a credit card, or asking for a payment plan. No approach is right or wrong. The only thing that counts is:

If it’s really important to you, how can you make it happen?

So when you think of family photos… Do you really think you can’t afford them? Or are they just not your highest priority?
If you struggle to put food on the table or pay your bills, family photos are not the thing you should worry about at this point.

But how “expensive” are family photos?

The way I work is that you are only charged a small fee of £150 to secure your family photo session. And then you only pay for your photos once you’ve seen them. No need to commit to anything before that. Packages start at just £350 which already includes a print credit – because, if you haven’t noticed, I really want you to have something tangible from your session.

If this made you rethink your stand on affordability and value, get in touch with me, and let’s talk about your family.

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