Phones are always nearby, ready to take today’s snapshot. And maybe sometimes you even think about hiring someone to take some “proper” family photos. But what if you don’t?

What happens if you don’t take family photos

What if you don’t book a family session today? Or tomorrow? Or ever?
You kids will grow up. The world doesn’t end though, you’ll be just as much of a family without visual reminders.


Photos are more than things to share online to show how beautiful your kids are or how much you’ve got it all together (or survive despite the chaos). They are helping all of you find your own identity.

Looking back through my own family albums, there are so many things I remember doing, that don’t exist in photos.

I was a gymnast and an acrobat. Along with my sister, I did this for years. We competed on different levels. Yet, there’s not a single photo of this in my collection.

This was a big part of my life from the age of 4 to about 10. It was part of my identity and I would love to know what my sister and I looked like in our leotards, grinning proudly after another tournament.

Acrobat was my identity at a young age. Before I started a new hobby – horseback riding. I do have photos of that because I started bringing a camera myself when I was old enough. I’m glad I have these photos.

The things we do as kids, they shape us way into our adult life. Once we grow old enough to be able to reflect on ourselves, our actions, our preferences for anything, they can help us connect the dots.

When I try to find images of me with my parents, the result is even “worse”. There are hardly any at all, for a number of reasons. It makes me think about the crafting sessions I did with my mum or the weekend adventures we had together. It’s not that we never spent time as a family but there’s barely any photographic evidence of it. Does that mean these things didn’t happen? Or that we didn’t have fun together?

Absolutely not!

But there’s a nostalgia in old photos that is missing from our lives without these images.

So, no, the world doesn’t end if you don’t have professional family photos. But imagine what it can do to your children having photos of them WITH YOU. Or with their grandparents. These photos that seem so ordinary and unimportant today, will get so much more valuable over time.

Nothing happens when you don’t take family photos but a lot does when you do. The time you spend together during a session with me is full of connection and uninterrupted family time.

My clients always tell me after their session how much they enjoyed these couple of hours where their focus was only on their kids rather than on their phone or with work. So afterall, a photo session can be a good excuse to just be around each other – and if that’s the only thing you can take from it (which you won’t because you’ll also love the photos I’ll create for you, I promise), then it’s definitely worth it.

Let me know if you’re ready for some “nostalgia in the making” by capturing who you are as a family….

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