And here it goes, another family photo session – again with a former bridal couple of mine. I love when my clients come back to me after their wedding to have me along for another day of me documenting their lives. Julia and Thomas got married last year. Julia was already expecting by then and now their little baby girl Frieda is 7 months old. I met them in their new weekend cabin near Jena on a very hot day – their 1st anniversary actually. For the photo session we went to the woods nearby – partly to explore the area, partly to go hide in the shade. Little Frieda was quite sceptical but cute as a button when she tried not to laugh at her parents’ jokes.

01_family-photos-session02_in-the-woods-family-photos03_baby-girl-in-the-woods04_sushine-in-the-woods06_mommy-and-baby-girl07_family-of-three-happy-photos08_mommy-daddy-daughter-in-the-woods09_walk-in-the-woods-family10_daddy-and-baby-girl11_7-month-old-baby-girl12_baby-girl-paying with-water13_baby-feet-in-water14_happy-family-on-summer-day15_family-photo-session-jena-germany16_parents-in-love16a_baby-girl-playing-in-grass16b_happy-bay-girl-with-daddy17_daughter-smiling-at-daddy18_family-portrait-summer-session20_mommy-and-daughter21_paents-happy-with-cute daughter