Crossfit throwdowns are back!

I’m so excited that we’re allowed to train regularly again. And with training come Connect‘s in-house competitions. The infamous throwdowns at the box were something I sorely missed in my life last year.

Crossfit Connect Throwdown . Summer 2021

Connect’s throwdowns are crossfit competitions that consist of a number workouts on the same day – usually 3 or more. Separated into different heats, the athletes have to show their different skills and fitness, competing against others and themselves.

The atmosphere during a throwdown is electrifying. Judges and spectators turn into world-class cheerleaders and a lot of those competing go further than what they thought they were capable of.

Funnily enough, I’ve only ever taken part in one of these events. For the past few years, I stuck to documenting them only, To be fair, that’s quite hard work too with so many people throwing weights around me and my cameras…

Anyway, here are some photos from the event in August.

If you’ve been at the throwdown and haven’t received the link to the full gallery, please drop me a note so I can tell you where to find it.

To find out more about crossfit and the gym in the photos, visit the website for Crossfit Connect. Or come and visit us in person.

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