Friday nights are once again the time for brutal crossfit workouts. The CrossFit Open are upon us again so every Friday, Reebok Crossfit Connect “celebrates” the Open Workout of the week with a “Pink Friday Nights” highlight in the evening. The pink comes from the Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is something the box is supporting with advocacy and fundraising. Connect created a Just Giving page as well, to raise money in case you’d like to support them.

In good old “The Open” fashion, the workout was a nasty one. 20mins of dumbell thrusters (ugh), toes to bar (“goodbye hands”) and double-unders, or skips as a scaled option. Everyone who did this workout was a broken, sweaty mess at the end. But they all still smiled – that’s the spirit of CrossFit… We do these workouts, hate them, die a little but are aware that we do this to ourselves…

On to some photos from last night:

Now everybody’s got one week to recover (which most crossfitters probably won’t do) to get ready for 20.3 next week.