We have this idea of what family photos look like…

You’re in a studio, smiling at the camera, being asked to sit or stand a certain way to create a single photo that describes who you are.

Or a beautiful park, at golden hour. Everybody wears complementary clothes that you bought specifically for the day. Beautiful images of everyone getting along. The perfect picture of a perfect family.

Except, you know this isn’t you.

Let’s dare to be different! Let’s create images that are real, honest AND beautiful because they tell the story of your beautiful (chaotic?) family life.

Why you should consider family photos taken at home

There’s so much power in capturing normal life – the mundane, the everyday, the “unexciting” stuff that makes your life so unique. These moments that seem trivial to you will be what your kids will remember 20years later. Moments that show not just your face but also your place.

Let me share 6 reasons why I think family photos taken at home are amazing.

1. No disruption of your daily life

I won’t ask you to meet me at the beach or a park for golden hour to take the most stunning family portraits. That means, no need to get dressed and head out the door, only to deal with a meltdown in the car because someone really wanted didn’t want to go.

No early pick-ups, naps cut short or packed lunches in order to stick to the time frame that was arranged.

Instead, you stay where you are and I come to you at a time that suits you. I will document your daily life and create images that show where and how you live, which over time will become more and more valuable. It’s where milestones are being celebrated and routines get introduced that your children and you will remember years from now.

These memories, photos taken in a familiar place like your home, will give your family a sense of place, belonging, and identity.

How home is part of your life right now and that’s why it’s worth being part of your family photo session.

2. Your home is where your children will feel most comfortable

Your home is where your children feel the safest. It’s their space. The more they grow, the better they’ll recognise their surroundings. They’ll know every nook of their room. They’ll know where to find snacks and they know your bedroom if they can’t sleep at night.

It’s a place of comfort – and surely not just for your children but also for you.

Letting someone take photos can be intimidating and scary. Doing this at your home increases the sense of intimacy but in turn – hopefully – also a sense of safety. And as a result, these images can carry a lot more value than any photo taken at a random place that looks pretty but you have no connection to.

3. Connect with your children through home-bound activities

What are your favourite indoor activities? Something you love to do when it’s too cold to go outside… Baking a cake? Reading a book? Painting? Jumping on the bed? Anything goes!

The best thing about a family photo session with me is that you don’t have to change what you would usually do. I bet you have lots of things your kids like to do at home. Creative activities are great for photos but also for the development of your kids. Capturing these moments, where you can connect over doing things together, is what I aim for.

4. If your children have a meltdown, you’ll be in a familiar place

When your children have a meltdown, it can be hard to calm them down while being in public. Distractions, people watching and unfamiliar surroundings are not necessarily helpful to soothe a distressed child.

If your child has a meltdown at home, it’s still not fun nor pretty. But at least you’ll all be in the comfort of your own home. Not having to worry about other people can play a big part in how easy it will be to calm your child down.

5. You don’t have to worry about the weather

The best thing about staying at home for your family photos is that the weather really doesn’t matter. Of course, a sunny day will provide more light inside the house (great for photos) but even on gloomy and grey days, we can create beautiful images of your family at home.

Especially in the UK, where the weather can be really hit and miss, not having to worry about whether we’ll have to reschedule because it might be raining, really helps with the planning.

6. You can stay in your pyjamas

Do your kids have a favourite outfit? I bet it’s not their most beautiful clothes but their pyjamas or superhero costume. Or no clothes at all…See, when staying home, your outfits really don’t matter.

I understand that you’d like to have photos that you can show off online, all looking beautiful, happy and well-dressed. But if that’s your main concern when it comes to booking family photos, you might be missing the point.

The family photos I want to take for you are those that show all of you where you belong and that you are loved. It’s not about how perfect you look in the eyes of others but how imperfectly perfect your life feels to you.

And to do that, you can wear whatever you want – including spiderman costumes and mismatched socks.

These are just a few reasons why I personally love documenting families at home. Your own house, no matter how small, dark or messy, is the best place for authentic family photos. It’s where you all feel safe and comfortable – which means I’ll be able to get the most natural and honest photographs of you – so that when you look at the images, you recognise yourself and your family.

If you thought you’ll have to go out and dress up for family photos, I hope I could show you another way with this article. And if you’re ready to let me document what YOUR life (and house) looks like, all you need to do is get in touch with me!

I mainly work with families in East Sussex and West Sussex but also cover areas in Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and London. And if you live further away but love my work, I’m happy to travel to where you are 🙂

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