Today I’d love to talk to you about a question that I get asked a lot. Parents want family photos and wonder how to fit those into their day. They worry about nap times and daylight and weather and feeds. But actually, getting family photos done doesn’t have to be that complicated.

When is the best time for a family photo shoot?

To be fair, this is a loaded question.
What season is best? And what time of the day? Where shall we go and what’s the light situation at 3pm? Can we do it midday? Should we stick to a weekend or a weekday during half term?

Different styles of photography would have different answers but my favourite answer to the main question is: RIGHT NOW is the best time for a family photo session. And everything else after will fall into place.

It doesn’t matter if today is a Saturday in spring or a Wednesday in winter. It doesn’t matter how much sunshine we’re having this week or what time your kids usually ask for a snack. Because family life doesn’t follow a seasonal calendar or only happens during Golden Hour. Family life happens all day every day and the most important moments are the little ones that make your family unique and create traditions and routines that happen naturally when you are being yourselves and explore growing up together.

So don’t wait for the perfect day, the perfect weather, until your child got a haircut or you’ve lost 5 pounds. None of it matters!
Time flies so quickly and before you realise it, your babies turned into teenagers and there are no images of you all together just being your chaotic, silly selves because you were waiting for the right time to have some photos taken.

Documentary photography celebrates the ordinary everyday that makes life special. During a documentary family photography session, I can create images of you making breakfast for your children, changing nappies and a walk to the beach. You can ask me to document morning chaos, creative weekend projects or bedtime routines.

The real question before booking a family photo shoot is: What are the things you want your kids to remember from their childhood? And how are you present during those times? That’s what I’ll capture for you. So one day, when your kids are no longer little, they have visual reminders of their lives with you growing up. Don’t wait until it’s all happened already because you won’t get that time back.

So, what time to do you think is best to get some photos of your family?

If my words inspired you to think about booking a photo session with me because you realised NOW is the right time, then I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message or book a free consultation call so we can start planning your family photo shoot.

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