Mirrors, selfies and the truth about portraits

There is a reason why most people don't like photos of themselves. Let me explain...

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jumping on parnets bed family photo shoot

5 reasons why winter in-home family photo sessions are the best

Winter is a time of change and perfect for an in-home family photo session. Don't believe me? Read…

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charlotte headshot photography personal branding photography

Personal Branding vs Headshot Photography – What’s the difference?

What's the difference between a headshot and a personal branding photo session? Isn't it both juts…

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taking photos everyday brighton seaside views

Using photography to appreciate life

I've documented a whole year of my life by taking photos every single day. This is what I learned.

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video production business Taiwan

How to make your small business stand out with a brand video

Are you a small business owner? Have you ever thought about having a promo video produced for your…

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christmas with the family

Lifestyle vs Documentary Family Photography – What’s the difference?

The two most popular genres for family photography are lifestyle and documentary family photography…

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kids baking a cake documentary photo session

9 reasons to book a documentary family photo session

How do you feel when you think about getting family photos taken? If posing for the camera is not…

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Documentary family photography for single parents

Family photography is not just for those with a functional 2-parent household. Single parents often…

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3 creative ways to document your life during a crisis

Using creativity to document our lives and this unknown situation we have to navigate through now.

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documentary family photos south of England

The Walker Family . documentary family film

Have a look at pre-Christmas shenanigans with the Walker Family from Somerset.

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