One thing I promised myself before going freelance was that I would have to keep up my personal projects while trying to make this business a success. I’m a big believer in passion projects – they challenge me, let me play and try new things or sometimes just create for the sake of creating. Over the past year, my “long portraits” have been a consistent thing for me. The whole process usually takes 10-20mins in total and the editing itself goes super fast too. I know what I want to get out of my subjects and even though I’ve done 17 of these videos now, they never get boring. To me they are a way of learning something new about another person – or somethings even learning the first thing about them. It gives me the permission to ask people questions without feeling weird about it.

Yesterday I met my friend Alice during her lunch break. We used to work together, until a month ago, and before I left my job I asked her if she’d be interested in being part of my “long portrait” series. I always get nervous asking people about it. It’s like asking for a favour – I don’t like doing that. Luckily most people are actually excited to take part in it, just like Alice. That makes me so incredibly happy – ever single time, without fail, I’m surprised people say yes!

Anyway, Alice is a Content Editor and a blogger. You can read her stories here. She also records a podcast – she didn’t mention that in her interview but she told me a while ago and I find that fascinating. Anyway, Alice was a hoot to film and photograph. But see for yourself below…

Here’s her story:

And here are some pretty pictures:

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That is all. The full gallery of these videos can be found here or on my Youtube channel. Please enjoy while I go and look for my next subject.