Long Portrait

A long portrait is an extended version of a portrait, lasting way more than a fracture of a second, and is intended to show more of the true person behind the face itself.

The idea is to imitate the “portrait” aspect of a photo by having my subject look at the camera for 2 minutes or more. It’s quite an intense experience. When you look at the camera to have your photo taken, you try to project what you want the viewer to see. You put your best face on, so to speak. But you won’t be able to hold this for more than a few seconds. After a while, your face relaxes and shows micro-expressions that cannot be captured in a photo.

To add some more depth to the film, I add an audio recording. I ask the same five questions to every one of my subjects and create a story out of it. The idea is to produce something that is real, raw and “in the moment”.


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