It’s been about a week since I temporarily moved in with Lee. There wasn’t even a discussion – it seemed the easiest option to stay at his place during this social isolation period we’re in now. Somehow he’s not sick of me yet but maybe it’s too early to tell 😀

After the first couple weeks of March with constantly scary news and uncertainty, gigs being cancelled and my whole creative world starting to crumble, I felt like I was about to lose my identity as a photographer. If I couldn’t take photos, where would my business go? How would I make money?
I packed some clothes and drove to Worthing to stay with Lee. My nerves calmed down while we spent the weekend shopping for food and keeping our minds busy with projects and art. Things felt ok for a bit, considering.

Then Monday came and a lockdown was announced for the UK. The only acceptable reason to leave the house (once a day) was to exercise, for medical reasons, to do infrequent essential shopping or if you’d still had to go to work (which basically only key workers did by then). Lee’s house doesn’t have a balcony or a garden. The sea is 2 minutes away but basically off-limits as a place to hang out. Anxiety kicked in. Everything was changing so quickly and the best we could do to help the situation was to stay inside. A concept that didn’t really compute in my mind.

Luckily, being able to go for a run in the sunshine or attend online workouts really helped me cope with it all. I’m ok now. Things are weird and might even get weirder but for the moment I’m dealing with it. For the most part, I’m quite optimistic and positive even. I’ve got plans and projects and ideas that keep my mind busy. I’m reading again, which I haven’t taken the time to do over the past months. I hang out with my friends online using apps like Zoom or Houseparty. And I get to spend this isolation time with my favourite human. I really could have it worse and I know it! It’s still tough though.
Now I just need to figure out how to let this virus not ruin me financially…

Meanwhile, I’m still taking photos. I AM a photographer and I document life. My project 365 is still going strong but instead of just trying to get one picture a day, I now photograph more of my life to document these weird times. So while I’m still only posting one photo a day on my Instagram account, I thought I’d share a few random images from this past week – week 1 of social isolation for me.

worthing beach social distancingcoffee on the beachworthing beach sea crashingdetail light shadow coffeeLee drawing paintingdetail Lee handsLee light and shadow drawingpull up workout excercisephone conversations with friend social isolationworking from home officesocial distancing in naturecherry blossom spring timeshoreham rivercoffee shop closed social distancingcatching pokemonlancing beach windsurferflowers beauty social distancingworthing lancing beach seafacebook live cooking with leejohnny cakes Lee baking cookingfacebook live Lee cookingwindsurfer lancingsocial distancing crossfit workout online zoomgarage day sunshine social isolationfinding old comics in garagereading a book sunshinefacetime with friends in new york social isolationspring has sprungleaving the house once a daydecay beach hutcleaning the kitchenLee cleaning the kitchendark times social isolationdetails beach hutplaying the piano at homesunlight details on bedsunlight details in buildingworthing beach rough seaclouds social distancingduvet day lazy on couchzoom online meetinghomework social isolationrainbow picture in window social distancing

Life is different now but knowing that staying home is my part to supporting the NHS makes it a bit easier. I can’t even imagine how we can ever thank NHS staff and other key workers after this – for looking after us and doing the real work while we stay in and wait this out! If any key worker or NHS staff is reading this, thank you! A million times!