Those who know me, know I love a creative challenge and a project. I keep coming up with new ones to try and push myself.

Currently, I’m working on a 365 photo project. That means I’m documenting life around me with a daily photo. At first this sounded really hard but I’m actually really enjoying it.
Documentary photography describes about 90% of my overall work and it all starts with my personal life. When I’m going for coffee with my friends, when I’m out and about with Lee or just going for a walk along the beach – I usually have one of my cameras with me anyway. But there have always been phases when my cameras were packed away in a bag and I wouldn’t look at them for days or weeks unless I had a job or assignment.

With this current photography project, this can’t happen. I aim to take a photo with any of my cameras (phone excluded) every day. Usually, it ends up to be more than one image and over the past 3 months, it has become a habit – my camera basically lives in my bag. I start planning out my days to make sure I capture something interesting. Some days I take my camera to the gym with me because I haven’t left the house all day or haven’t been inspired at home before. Most of the time, this is “my last resort” photo. Although I probably shouldn’t see it like that since crossfit (my gym) is actually a big part of my life.

This week, my year-long project has reached a milestone – 100 days. I wrote about my first milestone, 50 days in the beginning of January. Seeing the days tickle away like that shows me how fast time goes by. It’s the end of February already, spring is around the corner and it’s been six months since I quit my job as a Video Producer to be a full-time freelance filmmaker and photographer. Numbering my photos really hits home on how precious our days are. Once you blink, a day/week/month has passed…

Anyway, I’ve recently re-discovered my love for slideshows, so here’s a video overview over my past 100 days:


I shared most of these images on an Instagram account but I thought I’d compile a collection of some of my favourite photos from the past 3 months for this blogpost. The photos are in random order. Most of the images show in-between moments. They’re my favourite and this is why I love documenting life.

documenting life on vacation new forestbaby boy with mummypaining a door with friendslabrador dog in coffee shopworthing sky with birdslee at home documentary photographydogs and breakfast documentary vacation photographyview from my kitchen windowdocumentary family photographystorm in the treesphotography retreat portraitsmummy and toddler son in italyreebok crossfit connect workoutman in bed sleepingbaby bath timestreet life brighton kemptownlovers at workbrighton west pierfriends and dogs at pubchristmas with the familydog walking new forest docuementary photographyfriends in spotlightdocumenting life looking out the windowminions at homegraduation event in italy documenting university lifecoffee morning networkingwatching baby shark rimini itlay vacation photographywedding photography candid portrait bride and groomtoddler sleeping in daddys armsdocumentary family photographymeeting friends for coffee brightondocumenting life with Leetoddler and teenagerpuppy love at the gymview from my room sunset

I actually made a list of milestones for this project. My brain can digest the size of the undertaking much better, knowing when I hit certain segments. The next one will be in May when I’m halfway through the 365. Wish me luck that I will continue the way I started.

Thanks for reading.