This summer I started revamping and re-defining my business. One thing I am now offering are family films.

I’ve been a big fan of family photo sessions for many years. As a next step it seemed quite natural for me to add my experience of being a filmmaker for my clients. Don’t ask me why it took me so long to come up with this idea but here we are now.

So, what is a family film?

It’s like breathing life into a photograph. It captures the essence of a family or a person and translates it into a tangible memory. Instead of some moments frozen in time on a picture, in my films I add movements and sound which makes a memory so much more real.

Like with everything I do, I still concentrate on a documentary approach for my sessions. I’m kind of like a fly on the wall observing a family’s dynamic but also right in there with them to capture everything I see. To learn more about my approach, please visit my info page: All about family photography sessions.

The power of video

The impact video has on people, is universal. Imagine you could bottle up the way your child mispronounces a certain word. Maybe let me capture the way you make breakfast together with your fiancé. Anything that seems to be a routine in your life will feel special a few years down the line. You’ll remember you first home together. Or the afternoon coffee at your nan’s. All of that and more is a keepsake I can document for you – to relive it in a month or in 20 years.

What do family keepsake films look like?

I would like to show you an example of a family film. I shot this while I was on holiday in France with my boyfriend and his daughters this summer. One day we drove to the beach with some of his friends – Georgina, Adam and their baby daughter Frankie. Filming this day wasn’t even planned, it just kind of happened.

I also took some photos alongside filming – because after all, I am a photographer and my love for photos will forever have me document things in my life that feel worth capturing.

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Today is the last day your kids will ever be that little. Tomorrow they are just a tiny bit bigger. Next week, next month even more. You can’t stop time but you can create a film of who they are now and collect all those tiny little things about your kids and your family that will fade away over time. 30years down the line, you will thank yourself for having this film made. Your children will too.

So, if this is something you think you’d like to do with your family, please get in touch. I’d love to create some audio-visual memories for you to keep forever!

By the way, the two men on these photos are both amazing artist. The reason we were in France in the first place was a music festival “Chalabre en serenade” where both, Adam and Lee, performed throughout different days and sets with a number of musicians and artists. Lee is a brilliant tap dancer and performer (I might be biased but it’s still true) and Adam is an award-winning drummer from Canada. For me, it was wonderful getting to know another part of Lee’s life and meet some of his friends from far away. On top of that, being able to capture two families and friends having a fun day out and giving them THESE photos and the video, made it even more special to me. It’s something we all can look at over and over again and remember that beautiful week in France in 2019.