I mean, I don’t want to mention the dreadful implications of the pandemic again but I’m sure we all missed hanging out with your families and friends when we were not allowed to mingle last year. I know I did, despite being an introvert.

With life returning to a sort of normal-ish state again, pubs being open, unrestricted weddings and live music coming back… Family reunions and big birthday parties are back too.
Everybody should still only venture out as far as they’re comfortable of course but I had the honour of photographing an 80th birthday party for a friend of Lee’s recently.

Del turned 80.

If you don’t know Del, let me tell you what I’ve learned in the few hours I got to spend with him:

He knows everyone and everyone knows him.
People came from literally everywhere to celebrate his birthday and everyone had a huge smile on their faces when they greeted him.
Del loves dogs. Some of the dogs he used to look after were also his guests and they showed him much much they loved him.
He’s got a good taste in music and many friends who are musicians and performers – he had 3 bands entertain his guests over the course of the afternoon and evening and everybody was eager to play for him.
He used to live in Germany and was excited to test his German skills on me the minute I arrived.
He’s a generous man and sincerely humbled by how far people travelled just to celebrate his birthday.


Lee was hired to dance along with the bands that were performing throughout the afternoon. So the musical entertainment was sorted. The kids had a whole backyard to roll around on and the grown-ups had busy waiters bringing cocktails.
And there was cake…

As a last-minute request, I was asked whether it would be possible to record some video, along with the photos to capture the atmosphere of the afternoon. I managed to get just enough to make this little highlight film:

If you’re one of Del’s friends and would love to see all the photos from the afternoon, click here to get access to the full gallery.

Happy birthday, Del!