“We live in a digital age.” How often have you heard that sentence? And how many times shave you said it yourself?

While our whole lives can fit into a small device that we carry around all day, our lives are so much more than what’s in our phones. We build homes that are cozy and warm and make us feel safe and secure.

So let me ask you, what do you decorate your house with? Is there room for a photo or two?

5 reasons why you should print your family photos

There are lots of reasons why I feel that family photos should decorate our walls. However, I understand that we all have a different style so while one person might love big wall art in every room, another person prefers smaller images dotted around the house or collect images in albums.

Either way, images of our loved ones are too precious to only live on our phones. Chances are they’ll never be looked at. That’s the exact reason why all my family sessions come with a print credit that will allow you to choose products the work best for your home.

But let me talk a bit bit more about why printed photos are so important.

1. Printed family photos build confidence

Having printed and framed photos of your family has a massive impact on your children’s self-esteem. There are studies out there to prove this (like this one).

In the past, I wrote another article about how photos can boost your child’s confidence because I feel really strongly about it.

Growing up, my parents didn’t have family photos on their walls. None. We did have slides though and I always loved it when my dad got out the projector and we could dive into times that I couldn’t even remember being part of.

These images are so important for every family member because it places them into a unit. Seeing how everyone fits into that unit, helps develop confidence and a sense of belonging.

2. Framed family photos make for a happy home

Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist says: “Taking the time to look back on our treasured memories can be truly beneficial for our wellbeing as it can help to evoke feelings of positivity and happiness. Because of this, and especially at times like this, we should take more time to appreciate and look back on them.”

Do I need to say anything else?

So while it doesn’t matter whether you print a massive image that fills the space above your couch, create a gallery with lots of smaller images or print a book with all your favourite photos, the science backs you up in this. Isn’t happiness something we all want? Create a little happy bubble in your home by having your favourite images easily accessible – in whatever way you prefer.

3. Your digital family photos aren’t safe

While this is a scary thought, your digital images can get lost. Hard drives fail, phones break, images stored online can be deleted. While it’s unlikely that this will all happen to you at the same time, it’s not impossible.

Printing your favourite photos won’t bring back the thousands of photos you had stored on your computer for the past 15 years. But your favourite images will be safe in an album or on your wall. Plus, they’re ready to look while and calm your mind while you wish you’d made that backup years ago.

4. The value of a printed photo

We print photos so rarely, that when we do, it usually means something. We give the people and the moment in the photo a sign that they are special, important and cherished. It’s about building confidence in them but also giving them a special place in our home – whether they are there in person or not.

Looking at a (printed) image can throw us back to not just the moment in the photo but other memories attached to the person.

5. Family photos are a reminder of your adventures together

Over time, your family will inevitably change. People and/or pets will join, others will sadly be lost.

Children grow up, learn skills and celebrate milestones. Most of the time you’ll be too close to really take all the little changes in. Only with some distance will you see how far everyone has come. And suddenly your babies are almost grown-ups.

Having photos of different stages of your lives – not just during the big moments like birthdays, celebrations, holidays but all those ordinary days in between – can really show you how far you’ve come together.

It’s also a well-known fact that shared experiences strengthen the bond between the people involved. While the experience can be a photo session itself, with documentary family photos, the images are much more about the things you do on any given day. Having a photographer around to capture these moments, can help you revisit those experiences at a later point.

Having your family photos on your walls or in albums makes these images and the memories attached to them easily accessible for your children. And for you. Your children will learn what being part of your family unit means and in these photos they will see the love and connection between you all. These are things we don’t always notice. But they can be caught on camera – and fill your home.

If this inspired you to think about printing your photos, then my job is done here! If you need help figuring out how and what to print, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Now, if you don’t actually have any family photos you love enough to print, then let’s change that asap. Get in touch for a non-commital chat and I can walk you through how I work and answer all the questions you might have about having family photos taken.

I’m based in Worthing, West Sussex but travel all around the country to meet families. So whether you’re in Worthing, Brighton, London, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey or somewhere up north, don’t let that stop you to reach out, please!

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