Testing the fittest athletes . CrossFit Open workout 17.5

At Reebok Crossfit Connect in Hove the CrossFit Open 2017 finished with a Saturday morning throwdown. Lots of athetes made their way down to the box to tackle that fifth and last WOD of the Open – 17.5

I once again came to watch, to cheer and to photograph all these strong, determined and crazy people. It surely wasn’t an easy workout, they never are, and it’s so impressive to see everybody fight their way through and come out knackered but happy. Well done everyone!

Since my coach Barney asked if I would consider making a little video of this session, I recorded some bit on my phone and mashed them together. I think it brings a whole new dimension to the toughness of these guys!

And these are soe of the photos I took alongside the video…

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