Yesterday was June 1st. I am aware that you probably know that but did you also know that in a lot of countries this is Children’s Day? Not so in the UK though. I mean it doesn’t matter really, I don’t think I still count as a child. Even though I buy my shoes in the kid’s section. Just thought you might appreciate that nugget of my knowledge. You are welcome!

Anyway, how was May for you? I assume, or hope, you have found a groove in this strange “new normal”. Most people I know have given up on a lot of their initial grand plans including homeschooling and I get it. I would not know how to cope trying to support a child with their schoolwork while maintaining (or attempting to maintain) my business. So hats off to all of you amazing parents who do their best to keep sane and your families happy!

My boyfriend Lee and I are both self-employed and without work. But we’re also both creatives and luckily manage to keep ourselves entertained. For me this is thanks to my camera. For Lee it’s music and dance. And in between, we cook and bake and go to the beach. And sometimes we work out. I have to say, I’ve probably lost all my crossfit strength though, let alone my lifting technique. But that’s a problem for another time…

This month I also hit another milestone on my project 365 – I’m halfway through the year. Which means I’m also halfway through another year of my life. Say whaaaaat????! But since I’ve been shooting for 183 days (well, today it’s actually 195), I decided to make another slideshow of my daily photos:


I love watching this back. It makes me realise how rich my life is. Not to brag…
Have you ever thought about doing a daily photo project? Honestly. I can only recommend it. It’s not about getting perfect photos but memories of what your life entails, the good and the bad. Collecting those snippets of your life can be so valuable in a week, a month or 10 years. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea, I urge you to give it a go!

Anyway, so my highlights of the month were:

Lee bought a silencer for his trumpet. That means he can play at home at any time of the day. At one point we drove to a forest so he could play loudly but the weather was amazing and there were too many other visitors around. Having this mute thingy changes everything!

We had Lee’s daughters over for 2 weekends. That was needed because Lee hadn’t seen them in 2 months. They painted loads, made music and a mess in the house. But that’s ok…

Lee cooked live on facebook again. One of the dishes did not work at all though. We tried to fix it for 2 days and then gave up. Disclaimer: It was a dish that stays edible for a few days. After this disaster he made curry ketchup and oils – a lot harder to mess up.

We painted the bedroom furniture. 6 months after Lee remodeled his bedroom we finally found colours that we liked and redid the whole thing. It looks so much better now.

It’s officially summer. Even Worthing beach is now full of visitors on the weekend. That never happened before!

That’s basically it. Here are some photos…

lancing beach in mayblue skies with cloudsdocumenting life with leebrushing teeth in the morning selfiewalk in the woods with a trumpetlamp in the dark documenting lifedancing in the bedroomme at work shot of hand on computerafter the run looking up in the sky looking down on the grounddark clouds over lancing beachmusic in the house pianochecking the windowmixing make up colourskneeding bread daily life at homealways dancing at homeflowers on the windowsillcleaning the livingroomframed images taken downdiscussing the livingroom situationH and L painting daily life with teensbought a mute button daily life with a musicianL playing ukulele at homeH painting on canvas H on the couch in the eveningmaking art at the beach teaching photography and making artmaking caramelwork life at home working from homewindow portrait making bread again documenting lifemaking garlic oil Lee live cooking show on facebook Lee live interviewpreparing furniture to be paintedpainting the bedroom furniturevisiting a friend and helping outhula hoop lesson with kaywall of images photo wallH making her nailsL painting a deck of cardspebbles hurt on the feet sisters on the beach summer time worthing beach documenting lifefun at the beach in summersummer time worthing beach

Thank you so much for reading this blog and looking at all my pictures. I am aware that all I do is show my life but I can’t visit my wonderful clients just yet so this is all I’ve got to share with you. I hope you enjoyed this though and it drives home the point I keep trying to make: document your life and keep those photos. Make an album or a slideshow and really take in what you’ll see. You will find that your life is much fuller and more exciting than you might have guessed.