This is Alex. He’s a podcaster and his show is called the “Dreamer’s Disease”.
I actually stumbled over his podcast by accident… A friend of mine posted a photo of a friend of hers on Instagram. I visited that girl’s profile, loved what I saw and discovered she’d just been interviewed for a podcast – by Alex. I had a listen and fell in love with the show right away. That was maybe a couple months ago and since then I’ve been literally binging the “Dreamer’s Disease”.

In his podcast, Alex talks to lots of inspiring, mostly very young, creatives who just go out and do their thing. They are entrepreneurs and creatives of all walks of life and listening to their stories as well as Alex’s approach to life, inspires me immensely.

One day I decided to just reach out to him, introduce my ‘long portrait’ project and test the waters to see if he was interested in participating. Turned out he was, so a couple weeks ago we met in London and I got him in front of my camera. Easy.

And as usual, I took a few portraits as well. Considering his very positive and friendly nature, Alex has a very stern look on his face for the most time. However, he does smile on occasion šŸ˜‰

london man portrait black and whitealex manzi portrait in london podcasteralex manzi portrait dreamers deseasealex manzi portrait black and whitedreamers desease tshirt motivation

If you want to have a listen to the podcast, either search for “Dreamer’s disease” on your podcast app or have a listen on soundcloud.

All my ‘long portraits’ can be found on my vimeo as well as in my portfolio section on this website.