This is Stacey. She’s a lot of things – like funny and fabulous, an astrology geek, my friend and also my manager. I also want to point out that she’s very wise…

Stacey is very inspiring. Her wanting to be a writer and generally being good with words, encouraged me to improve my writing skills. As my manager, she also continuosly pushes me while trusting me to do a good job. Thanks to that, I learnt so much in the past 2 years under her wings and got so much more interested in a lot of areas. She probably doesn’t know but she’s had a huge effect on my professional life and I’m so grateful for that.
Well, I assume she knows now, so that’s good šŸ˜‰

woman brighton portraitwoman close portrait honesthappy woman laughingBrighton long portrait womansmiling woman Brighton

All ‘long portraits’ are now also added to my portfolio. Or else, visit my vimeo to see the collection.