Crossfit is a big part of my life so naturally a lot of people I interact with, have a connection to my box Reebok Crossfit Connect. Holly is one of those people – she owns the gym and is a crossfit coach. When I approached her to be part of my project, she was instantly up for it.

The weather did not play ball when we recorded her portrait so for the video we stayed indoors in the almost empty gym. But I dared to go outside and made as much use of the daylight as possible for the additional photos – due to rain we only went as far as the door though. We both didn’t fancy getting soaked šŸ˜‰

crossfit coach portraitportrait woman brightonclose up hands teawoman laughing portraithappy woman laughing

I think the most exciting thing for me are usually the reactions of my subjects when they see their video and their photos. There is always this element of nervousness and fear that someone may be unhappy with what I produce but luckily so far I have received nothing but positive responses and that makes me insanely happy!

All ‘long portraits’ are now also added to my portfolio. Or else, visit my vimeo to see the collection.