long portrait . Anna

The second long portrait I want to show is of Anna. Anna is a Wedding Photographer who also creates awesome online tools for other photographers to make their life easier.

Anna and I met about 4 years ago, pretty soon after I moved to Brighton. With her, there’s never a dull moment and always lots of laughter.

Anna’s portrait session was a bit different than the rest of this series. Usually the goal is to get the video, the interview and a handful of portraits done within half an hour. But Anna and I met an a sunny afternoon a couple weeks ago to do a proper portrait session. We photographed each other for hours all over town so I’ve got a huge variety of photos of her and it was actually really hard to pick a few favourites.

sunglasses and bubble teawoman in coffee shop brightonAnna happy laughinglong portrait brighton annahappy laughter brighton portraitshadow graffiti brighton portraitsunset beach portrait closeupanna brighton portrait  happyAnna portrait great escape

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