Volunteers wanted

Become a Brand Ambassador for my Family Photography

You want your family life documented.
I need your help to promote my photography business.
A match made in heaven?

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Offering the right service to you as a photographer is just as important to me as being able to produce images you will love forever. I need your help so I can serve you better!

Being a Family Photography Ambassador for me means you get free photos and I get your feedback.

The idea is simple…

  • I’m looking for families that I can photograph to show off my work.
  • You get 2-3 photo sessions per year including 10 high-res files per session (worth £650/session) – after an initial one-time onboarding fee of £150
  • Your gorgeous images will be all over my website and social media, ready for you to share with your friends and family
  • You will have access to my most beautiful products to fill your home with your family photos – at a reduced price
  • You will be able to give me honest feedback and support my efforts in marketing to families like yours

Is this you?

  • You’ve got children and time seems to pass way too quickly
  • You haven’t updated your family photo wall in years because all you have are terrible selfies
  • You haven’t had a family photo session in way too long but feel like it’s not quite in the budget to change that
  • You know what you want and need but can’t find a photographer who offers just what you need

Why the Ambassador Programme is right for you

  • You get 2-3 family sessions per year free of charge (worth £150 per session)
  • Each session comes with a full gallery where you can choose your favourite 10 images for free (worth £500/session) or buy the whole gallery if you want
  • You will have access to exclusive print products at highly-discounted rates
  • You’ll be able to give me honest feedback on my products and services so I can be a better service provider for other families like yours
Share your experience and get free photos out of it.What’s not to love?!

Finally get some professional, beautiful family photos to decorate your home with.

Enjoy the time with your kids rather than try to photograph their milestones – let me handle the documenting life stuff instead.

Be the first to try out new offers, new products, new services and be a poster family for my business.

This is a one-time chance to tell me what you really need from a photographer while getting amazing deals and emotional, heart-warming photos of you and your children as a thank you!

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client love letters

"I'm so thrilled with how you captured the connections between our children, these photos are beautiful."

– Nicci Hudson

What you get:
  • free photo sessions that will tell the story of your family life
  • photos of milestones and day-to-day moments
  • the opportunity to fill your home with professional, beautifully printed photos
  • first dibs on new offers and services
  • my best products at a discounted rate

Let's capture your unique family connections!

Why should you apply?

If you’ve been putting off booking a family photo session for any reason at all, this is your sign to act!

Get beautiful images that represent your beautiful/chaotic life while you are present in the moment instead of trying to document everything with your phone. And empower other parents to show their ‘not-so-perfect’ perfect life because we’re all just winging it!

So what do you say? Ready to step in front of my camera and create some gorgeous images?

Client Love Letters

"It’s so magical looking at these photos and seeing our life! I’m going treasure every single one of them."

— Alice Conroy

mum and daughter laughing and singing
Why am I doing this?

I run a photography business aimed at parents – without being a parent myself. I can only assume what it is that you really need to hear from me or what you can benefit from – aside from the photos we create together.

This is why I need your help!

I document family life as it is – unscripted, unposed, honest and raw. This is where my passion lies and what I do best. Too many families have questions I haven’t answered yet or worries that I never considered. This is where you can help me! I’d love to better understand how to talk to parents like you and make sure I know what you need so I can improve my business and my services.

I don’t have my own children so if I want to practice my craft or try something new, I need willing models to help me out – in return for them getting some beautiful photos.

Family photography is my passion – and I’m actually really good at it. But just showing my work won’t make my business as successful as it can be. I need to understand how to reach parents like you and how to talk to them. That’s where the Family Photography Ambassador Programme comes in.

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Meet your photographer

Hi, I’m Anja and I can’t wait to photograph you and your family!

I’m a documentary photographer and my favourite subjects are families.

Photos help us grow up to be more confident, they give us a sense of place and help us find our identity. I’m a big believer in the power of images to be more than data on a phone.

Honest documentary family photos show character, connections and belonging. This is my passion: showing everyone in your family that they belong and are loved.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

It’s for you if…

  • You want honest, real-life family photos that are not just about your kids but about your own connection with them.
  • You are happy to let me document your life honestly and are open to me coming to visit you 2-3 times over the next year to photograph how life looks like for you.
  • You are open to giving me regular feedback on any services and products I provide you with, are happy to share my work online and occasionally help me review my marketing assets.
  • You have at least 1 child, live somewhere along the south coast of the UK and are happy to have your family photos used to market my business.

If you’re nodding along to any (or all) of the statements above, then I think you’re ready!

Let’s do this!

Questions you might have and want answers to before applying(aka FAQ)

I want to work with a variety of families from different backgrounds in all areas. I’d love to show more diversity in ethnicity as well as the format families can have and am looking for rainbow families, blended families, POC, single parents, kids of all ages, people with any kind of impediment, families that are still growing, small and big family units… Anything goes.

Ideally, you live in East or West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent or London. Since I am based in Worthing, West Sussex, I’d like to offer this programme to families that are somewhat local to me.

I’m looking for parents I can ask honest questions about how they perceive family photography, what messages and marketing materials appeal to them so I know how to find and work with people who want what I can offer.

You’ll be asked to review brochures and project ideas for me, I might interview you for website and social content and of course, I will ask you to be photographed as part of this process. It’s important to have a portfolio that represents my work and values and not every client I work with is happy to have their images be shared online. In order to respect that and still get material I can use to promote my services, I would like to have a few families at hand who are willing to appear on my online and offline channels so I can market my business successfully.

Life is busy, especially with kids. I understand that. And while I am aware that sometimes you may not be able to help me through reviewing content or aren’t available for a photo session, if you feel like you can’t invest much time in helping me, you may not be the right person to apply. Please keep in mind that this project is supposed to benefit both sides. You get gorgeous, honest photos of your family and in return, I get your feedback and support.

You will get some amazing images of your family as a thank you for being part of this.

Apart from an onboarding fee, you won’t pay for any of the sessions. I’d love to visit you 2 or 3 times over the span of the next 12 months to document your life in different ways. These photo session will come at no cost to you and you’ll get 5 images per session. However, your gallery will include much mire than these 5 photos so if you wnated to have more, you’ll be able to buy them all.

Additionally, you’ll have access to all my products at a special price. Every now and then, I will want to show off how my clients can print their images – I’m a big believer in printing photos to have displayed around the house.

I’m aiming to visit you 2 or 3 times over the next 12 month. There are no dates I can provide for this yet but I’d love to photograph you in different seasons doing different things.

The majority of my family photo sessions happen at home – that’s where you’ll all feel most comfortable. Occasionally I might ask to do a session at a different location (local to you) though if the aim is to promote a specific service somewhere outside of a family home.

Apart from an onboarding fee of £150, you won’t be charged anything to be part of this Ambassador Programme. However, you will be encouraged to try some of my print products which will come at a cost to you. You’ll receive a hefty discount on any print products though.

With every photo session, you’ll get a photo gallery of at least 70 images to choose your favourite 10 shots from. You’ll be able to upgrade to buy additional images or the full gallery for a special price if you so wish.

Since you’ll get up to 3 photo session worth £650/session for free as well as big discounts on my print products, I decided to ask for a small, one-time onboarding fee of £150 per family. We don’t value things we get for free so with a little buy-in that’s the price of a single family photo session fee, I’m hoping to encourage applicants to be as invested in this 12-month partnership as I will be.

This fee is only required when you’ve been chosen to be part of the ambassador programme and you have agreed to all terms and conditions as well.

The photos we create together will be used to promote my services online (on my website and social media) and offline (print products, flyers). I will be using these images to talk about my work, my services, as well as promote specific sessions that I asked you to be involved in.

If there are any sensitive photos in your gallery, I will check with you before sharing those. At no point do I want you to feel like you or your family will be in a vulnerable by sharing specific photos online.