Real Life Family Films

"Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory."

Dr. Seuss

We all know how fragile life is. Let’s stop wasting time waiting for the perfect moment and appreciate what we have now.

Document life as it is. Take photos of everything your family does. You’ll never know how precious these moments will be in years to come.

What are Family Films?

A family film is like a photograph coming to life. It’s a family portrait. It captures the essence of a family or a person and translates it into a tangible memory. In my films, I add movements and sound which makes a memory so much more real.

Imagine you could bottle up the way your child mispronounces a certain word. The way it feels to prepare breakfast together. The mess too. Anything that seems to be a routine and ordinary in your life now will feel special a few years down the line. These moments are a keepsake you will be able to relive it in a month or 20 years through my films.

If you don’t like being posed and feeling forced to smile for the camera, you will love my documentary approach during my sessions. Your kids will never be asked to smile for me or moved into better light for the sake of a photo. My films, just like my photos, are all about the connections within your family. The main goal is for you to forget that I’m even there and just spend your day the way you usually would.

During your session, I’ll be something between a fly on the wall observing your family’s dynamic but also right in there with you to capture everything I see.

Client Love Letters

"This film is so much more than I ever expected. You’ve given us such lovely gifts to pass down to our children which I know they will love showing their own children one day."

— Nicci Hudson

The power of video

The impact video has on people, is universal. Imagine you could bottle up the way your child mispronounces a certain word. Maybe let me capture the way you make breakfast together with your fiancé. Anything that seems to be a routine in your life will feel special a few years down the line. You’ll remember your first home together. Or the afternoon coffee at your nan’s. All of that and more is a keepsake I can document for you – to relive it in a month or 20 years.

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Are Family Films for you?

Family films are for you if you would like to preserve memories in more than just photos. Even though the product is called “family film”, it doesn’t mean you have to have kids to book a session. It could be you and your boyfriend or girlfriend or fiancé or even your best friend. Or it’s about you and your grandparents.

The family in your Real Life Family Film, is whoever you chose to call your family. I will collect the memories that are dear to you and so full of life, it will bring this day back to you in years as if it was yesterday. Hearing those voices again, seeing how her hair is blowing in the wind, the way he’s rolling around on the grass with the family dog or that routine of brewing coffee and the sound of the kettle… Imagine that!

Family films start at £950. To get a full pricing overview, just fill in the request below so I can send you my brochure.