I left Leipzig, Germany, in 2007 and in the past 11 years haven’t been back more than a few times a year. Over time, the city I used to call home, became a strange place to me. In recent years, since moving to the UK, I barely felt the urge to go back at all. Friends moved away, I changed and felt like I didn’t belong there anymore.

This past weekend I was invited to a family reunion and decided to use this time to not only reconnect with my relatives but also with my “past life”. I explored my “old hood” and even though so many things have changed, a lot felt familiar still. Loads of houses, that had only been built in the 1980s, had been torn down due to people moving away. The lack of kids in the neighbourhood resulted in schools getting closed or completely made up to house new projects. Graffiti everywhere. Lots of overgrowing green. And in between memories of how it used to be.

The next few images are a collection of my favourites from the weekend of revisiting the city that once was my home.
Leipzig still has a place in my heart but it’s not home anymore.

In between there are also images of my family weekend and some generic street photography attempts in Leipzig and Berlin (killing time in transit).

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