When looking for a photographer, some experts might recommend asking about their camera equipment – I heard that a lot when I was still shooting weddings actually. But unless you are a hobby/amateur or professional photographer yourself, that probably won’t help you on your search. The only benefit it will give you is you’ll be able to geek out on cameras. Although there are plenty of photographers who really don’t care about the technical aspect of their kit as long as it does the job so they might not even get a buzz out of talking about their kit either.

My camera gear doesn’t matter

The main thing you should be concerned about is that your chosen photographer uses at least semi-professional equipment and a backup kit in case anything goes wrong. They also need to be able to use their tools in their sleep and absolutely have a grip on how to use them to create the best possible results. And obviously, the kit (and the photographer) should be insured.

But with this article, I’d like to prove to you that the camera itself doesn’t matter half as much as you might think. It’s the photographer’s vision, their skills and talent that’s important, along with the ability to listen to their client’s needs.

Since launching my photography business in 2010, I’ve gone through a range of cameras. I started with Canon DSLRs and moved to Fuji mirrorless in 2016. When it comes to technical features, my Canon DSLRs were probably a tiny bit better than my Fujis in some aspects. However, shooting with Fuji is pure joy for me. And I’ve improved a lot as well which makes more difference than the camera body I use.

Let me show you some examples taken with a range of cameras. One of the cameras used below is from 2011 (still in use) and some photos are taken with my newer and professional equipment. But they’re all Fuji.

Can you see the difference? I assume if you’re pixel peeping, you might. In all other aspects, you most likely can’t tell which camera was used for which shot. And that’s the point – my camera is just part of my work which means my gear really doesn’t matter as long as I know how to use it.

If you’re curious to find out which cameras I did use in the images above, leave me a comment below and I’ll tell you. But if you ever hire me, this is what you’ll see me using for the most part: A Fuji X-T30 with a 23mm lens (35mm equivalent)

Analogue stories film photography travel

That’s not much gear, is it? What I love about this combo is that it’s not intimidating at all. It’s very small (even in my tiny hands) but it’s so extremely versatile and the image quality is spectacular.

So if you’re a photographer, stop obsessing about the newest gear and make art with what you’ve got. And if you are interested in hiring a photographer, please trust that they know their camera and look at their previous work over the kit they use.

Btw, if you have any questions on how to use your camera better, to make the most out of the kit you have or if you want some help to improve your photography or video skills, I offer online photography and video training Power Hours. In those sessions, you can ask me anything for an hour and I’ll help you get clarity or help you work out how to make the most out of the kit you have. So just get in touch with me or book one of those sessions through my booking page.