Welcome to my journal.

As a documentary family photographer and filmmaker, I specialise in capturing candid and real moments of life. My aim is to show you the beauty in the ordinary through unscripted, emotive photography.

On this page, you can read about my projects, plans and anything I find worthy of documenting. Follow me into clients homes, to exciting places far away and learn about the importance of creating keepsakes for your family.

How a dancer turned into a facebook live cook

Tap dancer Lee Payne now cooks and bakes live on Facebook. Find out what's behind all of this.

A night of tapping and jamming in London

Last Sunday saw another tap dance jam session in Shoreditch London. The fabulous Lee Payne hosted, I took photos and videos.

festival photography . Chalabre en Serenade

In August, a small town in the south of France turned into a playground for musicians from all over the world.

London Tap Jam

A night of tap dance improv in London.