It’s mid-April and today a lot of people ran through Brighton. I was marathon day and I didn’t even go watch. Shame on me! I know a number of people who ran though and I love seeing their smiley faces and medals all over social media.
Meanwhile I spent my Sunday editing photos and sipping oat milk lattes.

A few days ago I got my March film scans back and before seeing the scans, I honestly forgot what I’ve taken photos of last month. But so far my monthly film photography project is going well.
Firstly, my friend Sharon came to visit from Seattle. I took her to Seven Sisters and we drove around Ireland for a few days. She was only here for a week but I feel like we’ve seen a lot in those few days. Good times.

Film photography personal projectolympus mju-iseven sisters sussesolympus mju-iIrleand roadtripFilm photography personal projectIrleand roadtripIrleand roadtripolympus mju-ii

Next up was a trip to Milan with my friends Kathrin and Petra. A short city break with sunshine.

Film photography personal projectMilan girls weekendolympus mju-iiFilm photography personal projectMilan girls weekend

And finally I got to spend a whole week on London for a Creative Direction course at UAL. I stayed in an airbnb near Kings Cross and lived the fabulous (and shockingly expensive) London city life.

London creative course city lifeFilm photography personal projectLondon creative course city lifeLondon creative course city lifeFilm photography personal projectLondon film photographyolympus mju-ii

While I was in London, I accidentally dropped my Olympus mju-II on concrete. It still worked after but I was worried I broke something internally. With a film loaded, I obviously couldn’t just open it and check so I had to wait until I got my scans back to find out if something was wrong. Much to my surprise, the camera worked just as well as before the fall – I’m really impressed!