Now that we’re already at the end of July, I might want to quickly post my June film photos before the next roll comes in. Here we go…

In June, I spent time in the park with my work family, having a bbq. And I enjoyed some sunny moments in town. Always worth a few shots.

Everybody needs a little break sometimes so my friends and I rented a car which basically just came out of the factory and had whooping 4 miles on the clock when I first tried to navigate it out of the rental place’s parking lot. Got a little heart attack with lots of cars and no space around me . but somehow managed after all. Phew! Our destination: The beautiful beaches of Norfolk.

Back on the south coast, summer came through and I went to the (not very) beautiful Littlehampton for an afternoon and was positively surprised by the nice seafront and promenade. That’s all that’s worth seeing in town though so no need to trek down there really. This service notice comes free of charge to you. You’re welcome.

And to fill the film, I took my little camera to a trip to the beach and Small Batch for coffee with Sheila (woman), Susa (dog) and Julie. The latter is not pictured because the photo I took would make her cancel our friendship. She’s lovely and beautiful though, you’ll just have to trust me on this.


That is all. Next roll of film should follow soon(ish). Thanks for reading.