I’m Anja, a documentary family photographer and filmmaker based in Brighton & Hove.

Documentary family photography is not about what your family looks like, it's about what it feels like.

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So this is me, Anja.

Apparently I laugh a lot. That’s probably why I started seeing all those wrinkles around my eyes at age 18 already. I hated those! Now many years later, I’m learning to embrace all my little flaws. Because life is too short to worry about hair that’s not perfect or those few extra pounds on my bum. I believe life is not about perfection but about real moments and genuine connections.

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Family Photography

There’s so much power in capturing normal life – the mundane, the every day, the “unexciting” stuff that makes your life so unique. My aim is to document those moments that seem trivial to you. Because that’s what your kids will remember 20years later.

Let’s create memories not just for you, but for them!

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Your family photos are not really for you. They're actually for your children!

Life with children is unpredictable. But who am I telling this? You already know this cause it’s your life.

You watch your kids grow up and within what feels like a couple of days, your babies are turning into teenagers and you have no idea how it all happened, right? That’s why we take photos – to hold on to the big and the little moments.
However, how often are you in those images you take and collect of your loved ones? Looking back in 20 years, don’t you want to see how you took part in your children’s lives?

Your family photos are not (just) for you, they’re for your kids. And your grandkids.

And that’s why need me: I help you collect visual memories of all the little moments that happen on an ordinary day. Life doesn’t just happen during big, life-changing occasions. It happens every day and in the smallest of instances. That’s what your grown-up children will remember one day.

Ordinary days -  Extraordinary photos. And films too.

Family Films

Do you remember being a kid, wanting to grow up as fast as possible?
Now you’re on the other side, watching your kids wish for the same. How does that feel?

You can hold on to those moments of them being little through the most powerful medium that is video. The combination of sound and movement, hearing the voices, seeing the hands reaching out, the sounds of the giggles. It’s a keepsake not just for you but for your whole family.

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So technically you’d love some new family photos, but…

A photo session takes a lot of time out of your day.

Well, that totally depends on what kind of photos you’re looking for. Yes, a photo session can take a few hours but here’s the thing: If you book me, I’ll come to you and document your family life just as it is. No need to drive to the perfect location or a studio that's hours away. I photograph you spending time with your kids, doing the things you love to do as a family: bake a cake, go to the park, play board games, fold the laundry. A session with me won’t take time out of your day, I’ll just hang out with you all and let you do your thing.
Plus, photo sessions can be as short as 1 hour. The session most of my clients book, takes up to 3 hours. During that time, I'm there to observe and create photographs for you - no need to entertain me or my camera.

You don’t like photos of yourself.

Oh, I hear you. I cringe on every photo of myself.
But imagine that: You find a photo of your mum when she was your age. She probably saw something in that photo that she didn’t like about herself. What do you see? A strong, beautiful, loving mother - those flaws that she sees are invisible to you. That’s exactly what your kids will feel looking at images of you!
The connections you have with your family have nothing to do with your appearance. And just to assure you - everyone can look unflattering in photos sometimes (even Beyoncé). My job is, to get the right angles and capture how you connect with your loved ones. I promise you will love these images.

Photo shoots are awkward. Your kids probably won’t play along and your partner makes that Chandler-face when he needs to smile for a camera.

That goes back to my first point: I’m not going to pose you, I will document your family life. That includes giggles, tantrums, naps and everything in between. Unless any member of your family signals me to not take a certain photo, I’ll capture your family dynamics as they happen right in front of me. And I will NEVER ask anyone to smile for my camera.

It’s hard to find the right photographer.

Yes, that’s true. There are so many photographers out there and not everyone will be the right choice for you. Look at portfolios, listen to how they describe their work. Does any of that resonate with you?
The families who book me, don’t want dressed-up and posed photos. If that’s what you’re after, we won't be a good fit. You’ll have to trust me to tell the story of how your family feels like right now. I will portray the real you, not a stylised, picture-perfect version of you.

It’s too expensive.

Expensive is relative but photography is not a cheap service. I could tell you the ins and outs of why that is but I don’t want to bore you. It’s up to you to decide how much honest and real images of your family are worth to you. It’s an investment. The films and photos I create are keepsakes for you, your children and all the generations after. And I promise that you’ll love what I can create for you.

client love letters

"I'm so thrilled with how you captured the connections between our children, these photos are beautiful."

– Nicci Hudson

portrait photographer brighton sussex family

I'm a documentary family photographer and filmmaker. But did you know...

I also work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them tell their brand story.

As a small business myself, I know how important it is to tell inspiring stories to connect to your audience. But how do you do that?
By showing up as yourself, allowing your clients a peek behind the curtains and by talking about what THEY care about.

Your business comes alive through your passion, combined with outstanding visuals. I can help you with that – no matter if you need headshots, brand photography or a behind-the-scenes, about us or promo film.

Your business is more than a logo and a name. Let's tell your story and wow your audience with your personality and charm.

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