12 months . 12 photos

I created, led and participated in a photography project in 2017. It’s called “twelve months” – because it was a monthly challenge, over the course of all of 2017. I’m pretty sure you’re glad I explained the name. Would’ve been hard to guess otherwise 😉

With a group of photographers and photo enthusiasts, I set out to take photos for a specific topic every month. I would decide on the topic and everyone, including me, would have 30ish days to go out and shoot something to represent the theme.
The project didn’t go as I anticiptaed if I’m honest. I thought I would be more involved in creating a community and offer a place to learn from each other and exchange ideas. In the end, I do think I managed to find a group of people that enjoyed the project and I made some new friends that I otherwise probably would have never gotten in contact with, but I did underestimate the admin work a photography project would require.

If you want to learn more about the project, who did it with me and what the general outcome looked like – feel free to have a browse. Here are the photos I took for the project over the past year:

january: MORNING

february: DARK

march: LIGHT

april: FRIEND


june: SPEED


august: SUMMER

september: PATTERN

october: MOOD

november: OPEN CALL: midnight chai

december: HOME

That was my year in 12 themes. Just a small glimpse of my actual year but still a massive part of in many ways.

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