Testing the fittest athletes . CrossFit Open workout 17.1

In the world of CrossFit, Friday was a big day. The Crossfit Games began with the release of the Open workout 17.1, which every crossfitter can do – whether they signed up for the Open or not. My box, Reebok CrossFit Connect, held a Friday night throwdown for whoever wanted to do the workout that day.

The Open is designed to test the fittest athletes, so clearly the workouts are hard. During the 3 hour event I could see how hard it really was though (although I kind of had an idea after seeing it online earlier that day) – even our coaches struggled! It was a very intense evening with impressive performances of everybody who competed.

Since I wasn’t taking part, I decided to come down to the box anyway and document the throwdown with my camera. I took loads of photos and played around a bit. I’ve never photographed a sports event like this before but I only shot for fun so there was no real pressure and I’m quite happy actually with my results…


I posted a few more on facebook in case anybody can’t get enough ;)

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