End of November I went to Germany to visit friends and family. While planning the trip, one of my clients from a few years ago asked when I’d be around next because she was expecting her second child and was thinking about another family photo session with me.

This client is called Nicole and it’s been 5 years since we’ve seen each other last. That was when her and Patrick’s (her husband) first son, Piet, was born.
Before that, in 2012, I got to photograph her wedding and I took some pregnancy photos ahead of Piet’s arrival too. During those first 3 sessions, Patrick was around as well but while I was in Germany this time, he was away for work. Nicole decided to book a secret session with only her, her son and her dog and gift Patrick the photos for Christmas.

It was so lovely seeing Nicole again and meeting a very much grown-up Piet – compared to when I last saw him last. We spent a few hours catching up, hanging out in the house and going for a quick walk in the rain.

Since Piet is going to be a big brother soon, I took some audio and video snippets off him talking about what’s going to happen. Piet doesn’t know the baby’s name yet but he helped to decorate the new nursery and was proud to show me around.

Please note, the audio is in German which means half the people reading this might not understand a word. I apologise but hope you still enjoy it!

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