Documentary Family Photography

"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do."

Andy Warhol

We all know how fragile life is. Let’s stop wasting time waiting for the perfect moment and appreciate what we have now.

Document life as it is. Take photos of everything your family does. You’ll never know how precious these moments will be in years to come.

A lot can happen in a day, especially with kids at home.

Your life is busy and chaotic. Your kids are bouncing off the walls and only your morning coffee is what keeps you sane right now. But then you realise how quickly time goes by, how fast your children are growing up. Can we hold on to them being little for just another moment, please?

These beautiful, curious children of yours are sprouting like wildflowers in summer and you, Mama, are too close to even see it happening.

To freeze moments, we take photos. But when was the last time you had a photo of your crazy bunch taken? One that shows the uniqueness and connection between all of you. One that has YOU in it as well. Selfies don’t count by the way!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I hear you, family photo sessions can be cringey and uncomfortable. You don’t like to dress up and smile on demand for a camera. Your kids won’t play along – they’ll probably do what they want anyway.

What if I told you that family sessions don’t have to be like that?

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What's my style?

My photo and filming sessions are very relaxed – no matter the chaos around me. I won’t pose you, I won’t tell you where to stand or sit, I’ll just follow you around while you and your family do your thing. At home or on a day out. You won’t need to make sure your children are smiling and behaving for the camera.

christmas with the family
documentary family photography France

I capture real life for you because that’s what your children will remember. Most importantly, you can be yourself and just enjoy your time with them, not minding me or my camera. This is completely unscripted, emotive photography.

Where does a documentary family photography session take place?

I’m passionate about capturing my clients in their homes. It’s where you and your kids will probably feel the most comfortable. It also gives me the opportunity to document you in your personal space. In 20 years, you’ll look back at these images and remember all the small details that will have changed in your life.

But documentary family photography doesn’t just work at home. It can include walking the dog, going to the market to buy eggs, picking up the laundry or visiting the playground. Whatever your day would usually look like, will be part of the photos that tell the story of you.

The goal of my documentary photo sessions is to capture who you are as a family and create memories for you and your kids to look back to in years to come.

If this sounds like something you’d be up for then the chances are we’re a great fit.
Family photography sessions start at £150. Get in touch with me if you would like to have a look at my full pricing guide for more information.