Day in the Life

What does “Day in the life” mean?

A “Day in the Life” session is an extended photo session. I will spend a significant amount of time with you (about 6-8 hours) to document your family dynamics and your day-to-day routines most honest and intimately. The goal is to capture who you are and create memories for you and your kids to look back to in years to come.

What I won’t do, is place you in a nice park, all dressed up in your best outfits. I won’t ask you to smile for me or my camera. I won’t even ask you to look at my camera. Instead, I want you to concentrate on each other and let me document how your family works. That might include tantrums of your youngest because they can’t find their favourite toy. It might include your reaction to your kid dropping an egg while trying to help you bake. And hopefully, it will include moments of joy, laughter and love that might be visible by dad touching baby’s hair or his wife’s shoulder or an intimate look between your kids that only they can decipher. In-between moments can be easily missed but when I spend a whole day with you, chances are that I’ll be able to catch them and freeze them in a picture for you to hold on to.

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