Vicky & Tom . Wedding in Christchurch, Dorset

End of May I got to work alongside the lovely Sam of Samantha Davis Photography and assist her on a wedding in Christchurch, Dorset. The couple that got married was Vicky and Tom and they had a sweet church ceremony followed by the reception at the most beautiful East Close Hotel. The sun was shining, Pimms was served, guests were happy and Vicky and Tom so cute and very much in love. Perfect!
As usual I got to cover the groom preps being the second shooter. It’s always interesting seeing how the guys try to get ready while having a female photographer taking pictures of them getting dressed. 😉 Tom and his groomsmen were good fun though!

01 groom prep wedding Christchurch UK02 groom getting ready for wedding UK03 church in Dorset wedding04 Dorset Christchurch wedding church05 couple getting married in Christchurch Dorset06 couple getting married in Christchurch Dorset07 wedding Christchurch Dorset first kiss08 wedding christchurch UK09  wedding christchurch UK11 East Close Hotel Christchurch1213141516171819202122 bridal couple wedding portrait23 wedding portrait chistchurch dorset24 wedding portrait chistchurch dorset25 wedding portrait chistchurch dorset27 wedding couple in love bride groom28 wedding east close hotel dorset28a wedding portrait dorset uk29 bride and groom portrait wedding day UK30313334 bride and groom first dance wedding35 east close hotel first dance wedding36

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