More than just your usual nursery portraits

Sussex Nursery Photography

Bored of conveyor-belt style children’s portraits?
Would you like children’s portraits from your nursery to show more personality?

Then I’ve got something for you…

Let’s give parents photos that are more than the standard quick headshot that looks the same every year and instead tell them the story of how well-looked after their child is at your nursery. We can create photos of joy, connection and play – images that parents don’t get to see from their children’s life at nursery.

Showcase your fantastic nursery and delight parents with photos full of personality!

I offer environmental nursery portraits and beautiful documentary-style images with character for the children you look after.
My photos capture a sense of place by documenting kid’s life in a place they spend so much time in.
A photo session at your nursery can include staff and setting photos as well as showing your daily routine at the nursery.

Is this your nursery?

  • You’re a small(ish) nursery or forest school that focuses on play as well as learning
  • You’re a thought leader in your space and love to do things differently
  • You inject personality, community and joy into your work daily but your photos don’t reflect that
  • The children at your nursery don’t want to sit still for their 30 seconds on camera
  • You’d love some photos that reflect the hard work you put into minding the children and reflect your ethics well

Now imagine this instead:

  • You’ve found a photographer who gets that your children are all individual little characters that don’t like to sit still
  • You have images of your nursery that reflect your ethos, grounds and staff
  • The parents love the images they get from your nursery and can see their child’s personality
  • You secretly wish next year’s photo week would come around quicker to get more photos that capture the spirit of your nursery

"Childhood is the one story that stands by itself in every soul."

Ivan Doig

mum dad looking after toddler girl

Client Love Letters

"Anja these are so real & because of that so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️You have a way of putting families and children at ease."

– Maz S.

I’m here to help you with all those things through my documentary approach to nursery photography.
  • No conveyor belt approach to capture environmental portraits with personality
  • Well-prepared processes and personalised approach to each child
  • Option to choose between commission in photo sales or commercial licenses to setting and staff photos
  • Limited but beautiful products to choose from to avoid parents’ overwhelm

Meet your photographer

Hi, I’m Anja and I can’t wait to photograph your nursery!

I document real life and I take photos of people, every day.
The best thing I can do with my craft is to show you how amazing your nursery kids are and create beautiful memories for their parents to cherish forever.

The photos we’re going to create will show these kids authentically, real and beautiful.

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