Street photogaphy

I love watching people on the street, going on about their business. Sometimes I would go ‘hunt’ for faces to capture. Being a naturally shy person, this is something that pulls me right out of my comfort zone. My goal is to tell the ‘story of the street’, something I am continuously working towards.
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I love taking portraits. Be it a stranger on the street or a lifestyle session of someone doing something they like doing. Sometimes it’s just some headshots or a new portrait to give to Mum for Christmas or maybe a new set of online dating portraits? Whatever the reason…
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A part of me refuses to grow up so naturally I love hanging out with kids and photographing families doing family things together. Those sessions are the most fun in a natural environment. As with everything I do, I try to stick to a documentary style in all my sessions.
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I photograph people in love. It’s always fun seeing people that care about each other and document how they interact. My mission is to capture their relationship in the most natural way. It doesn’t matter whether they’re engaged, married, expecting or just madly in love and crazy about each other.
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On weekdays I’m a video producer. To me photography and videography go hand in hand but both have different strengths. I don’t favour either one but at times I’m drawn more to one over the other. Videos are a way to keep a documentation of life in a more animated way.
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As a photographer and videographer with over 10 years of experience in both fields, I decided it’s time to give back and share my knowledge. If you need help mastering your camera, want to learn how to use it to get better images or create beautiful videos, then let me show you how.
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A few years ago I discovered crossfit. It took one session to get me hooked and now I can’t imagine not doing the highly intense and heavy workouts anymore. Occasionally I even document events being hosted by my local box Reebok Crossfit Connect.
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