Free activity guide for family photo shoots

Are you thinking about booking a (documentary) family photo session and are not sure what to do on the day?

A documentary family photo session does not generally follow a specific plan that includes a dress code and or a specific photogenic place. It’s about family routines, spontaneity and things you like to do together. But what if you’re just not sure what to do? Well, guess what, I’ve compiled a list of activities you can do not just when having a family photographer like me document your life but also any other day when you’re just out of ideas how to entertain your kids – or yourself even.

Download your free activity guide for some inspiration.




A family photo shoot is a great way to document routines, milestones or a fun day out, especially when it’s being captured in a documentary style. This way you will receive a collection of images that truly represent you as you are, without styling your home or dressing up.

So what are you going to do during your family photo session?

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