A photogenic family // Lovebirds

Last weekend I drove to Upper Franconia to meet with a family that’s very dear to me. Also a family that’s gotten quite big over time. Getting there was kind of a nightmare – my navigation system didn’t respond, Google Maps didn’t know where I was headed and just let me drive in circles for a while and right before I finally arrived it started bucketing down. But with this family nothing is really a problem. We found a location with a roof (even though it was far from pretty), got under sunshades that were meant to be used on a patio and hid in a bus shelter to stay dry. Well, we got wet anyway but it we had a ton of fun at least.
Anyway, here is a small part of that awesome family.


Vielen Dank für den tollen und lustigen Tag ihr Lieben!


  1. Anja your work is so heartfelt. I love the fourth one in particular. The absolute look of joy on both of their faces is divine. You do beautiful work.

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