Ideas to celebrate December as a family

24 family activities to build connection and bring joy

I love Advent Calendars, no matter how I feel about Christmas, and I wanted to share my enthusiasm for them with you. That’s why I created a Non-Christmassy Family Advent Calendar for you.


The idea is to have 24 consecutive days of little gifts, surprises or and adventures that connect family members or even friends in this busy and hectic time.

So whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this Advent Calendar is for you. Leave your details below and I’ll send it to you via email.

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time of the year feels hectic and busy. Something that tends to be overlooked is how little gestures and activities can be a wholesome experience for your family during this crazy month.

With my Family Advent Calendar, you’ll get 24 ideas on how to make this month special and bring some joy to your family and friends.

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