Are you a doctor, nurse, paramedic, other hospital staff or member of the NHS working on the front line to keep us healthy and alive while risking your own life? Or are you any other key worker like a shelf stacker, cashier, binman or any of the other positions that make you put yourself in danger for the benefit of the rest of us while keeping life and the economy going? Then I want to say thank you!

But my words alone will never be enough so I’m offering free family photo sessions for 5 families in the Brighton/Worthing area with one (or both) adults being a frontline NHS worker.

Additionally, I’m offering 5 more family photo sessions for people working in any other key worker position during this pandemic. Compared to what the NHS and key workers are doing while we’re all sitting at home, this is just a small gesture but it’s my way of giving back.

While we’re still in the midst of it all, I would like to put this offer out there and find those 10 families now, hoping to give them something special to look forward to in the future. Please share this blogpost with anyone you might think would like to be considered or get in touch with me to nominate yourself and your family.

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If this is the first time you’ve seen my work, let me introduce you to what I’m doing and how I work:
I specialise in Documentary Family Photography and Real Life Family Films. In short, I love the honesty and rawness of pure documentary work.

I’m passionate about capturing my clients in their homes. It’s where you and your family/kids probably feel the most comfortable. It also gives me the opportunity to document you in your personal space. In 20 years, you’ll look back at these images and remember all the small details that will have changed in your life.
But documentary family photography doesn’t just work at home. It can include walking the dog, going to the market to buy eggs, picking up the laundry or visiting the playground. Whatever your day would usually look like will be part of the photos that tell the story of you.

The goal of my documentary photo sessions is to capture who you are as a family and create memories for you and your kids to look back to in years to come.

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So, are you or is someone in your family a key worker or NHS staff? Do you live in the wider Brighton area? Then message me and tell me more about who you are so I can hopefully gift you one of my family photo sessions.

The gifted session is valid to be used for a 2-hour mini documentary photo session and will cover my time on location as well as downloadable high-resolution files via an online gallery. The gift voucher can be used within 12 months for a session ideally to take place in the Brighton/Worthing area, once the need for social distancing is over.

By the way, families in my book are not just household with kids but ‘people who share a close bond (pets included)’. So if you would like to apply but don’t have kids, don’t worry about it please!